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Hello lovelies♥
its @xoxo-amyyy with tips on organizing your room!

Okay so I'll do this in a list form and just have extra details at the bottom!

-Make three piles; keep, donate, throw and once you put something in the throw or donate pile you CANNOT take it out.

-Get rid of excess junk, if you have a drawer or shelf just full of useless crap, throw it away. Unless you find a necklace your great great great grandma owned in 1820, you don't need any of the stuff in there.

-Do you really need every copy of seventeen and teen vogue since may 2009? I still have all my seventeens and I really need to just trow them away..

-When are you going to wear blue or black lipstick? If you have random makeover makeup you never wear, but don't want to part with, just in case of a theme day at school or a random sleepover, put it in a box or bag that you can keep in your closet.

-Hooks are perf. I had all my scarves, necklaces and purses on command hooks before I re-did my room and I need to put some more up so my closet isn't as packed

-Closet space. There is generally more closet space than you realize. I ended up having enough room on the shelf in my closet to fit everything that was on a grungy book case I had. There might just be more space than you think.

-Bedside tables are for your iHome and lamp only. I used to put so much crap on my bedside table, but when I re-did my room I took an little old table from the 70's and painted it baby blue so it looks really antique-y and its really small, so I can only fit what I need on there and it doesn't looks cluttered and messy.

-Things with sentimental value don't always have to be on display. If you got a jewelry box that belonged to your grandma, you don't need to display it. Odds are that you'll be more likely to break it or spill something on it rather it was tucked away nice and safe.

-Your desk doesn't need it's own panties... 
Okay so be sure you keep things where they need to be. Your desk if your your computer, books and some paper, not your clothes, purse and one shoe.

Okay, so I hope these tip are helpful. The key for organizing and cleaning your room is try not to be sidetracked, just do it and you'll be happier in the long run. Don't keep any useless junk and keeping it clean is sooooo important, because them you don't need to clean it again, besides dusting your bed frame and vacuuming the floor.

Stay Beautiful,

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