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Shannyn Lovegood is the muggle-born cousin of Luna Lovegood. Shannyn is best friends with her cousin, although they don't see each other much. She speaks fluent sarcasm, and loves adventures, whether it's exploring the castle, or going to see the thestrals, she's ready for one. She is always very light-hearted, and honest, which can be a problem. She thinks everyone else is as honest as her too. So, she tends to be on the gullible side, which is perhaps her greatest flaw. She would love to be on the quiddich team, but unfortunatly, she's not excatly coordinated, unable to control her own broom even at home. 

When she was younger, she went to Ollivander's, like most wizards, to get a wand. Again, her wand was a bit peculiar being made of Willow bark at 14 inches with a Veela Hair core. Fleur Delacour was the only other wizard (other than mayber her sister) known to have a veela hair as a wand core. 

Her best subjects are Divination (tea leaf reading!) and DADA. She loves to read and write, constantly writing to Luna and her mother. 

She is in her third year at Hogwarts, and is constatnly the target of many tricks, being so gullible. She never takes it personally and usually laughs it off along with everyone else. 

Her uncle had once sent her a magic teapot that, when opened, allows you to apparate inside, where instead of putting tea, you live there. This is where she sleeps when she attends Hogwarts, instead of the Gryffindor girls dorm. 

Because she can have surprising moments of wisdom in her stange little life, her patronus turned out to be an eastern screech owl, very much like her pet owl, Who.
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