I really love the way this ''dress'' turned out. Is that originality or what?! :) 
I want to dedicate this set to @slowlycommittingsin and @barbarela11 whom I didn't manage to list on the list of tagged people in my previous set made for my contacts. Don't you think I forgot about you! :) Thank you both for faving my sets all the time. It means so much to me. I hope you like this :)

I was tagged by @ayanella 
1.Half full or half empty? I'd say completely empty, but if I have to choose than half empty xD
2. Neons or pastels? Pastels.
3. Meat or seafood? Meat.
4. City or country side? I'd like to live in a peacfull countryside and be country singer xD but I also like big cities where no one knows each others and you can express yourself the way you want to, so I guess both :)
5. Horror or Comedy? both.. maybe a bit more horror :)
6. Forest or sea? sea
7. Summer or winter? I'm more of a winter type, but everything looks better in summer. No school for the example, so summer :)
8. Asian or Mexican food? Haven't tried anything yet :/
9. Jeans or skirt? Jeans!!
10. Up in the air or down on the ground? Down on the ground.
11. Run or bike? Bike.
12. Heels or boots? Boots.
13. Sms or call? Sms.
14. One best friend or many acquaintances? One best friend.
15. Early bird or late bird? Early bird.
16. Sunglasses or nerd glasses? Nerd glasses.
17. Coffee or tea? Tea tiiiime! :))
18. Give or receive? Give.
19. Chocolate or liquorice? Chocolate.
20. Wine or beer? wine
21. Less is more or more is more? Less is more.
22. Romantic or realist? Romantic.
23. Fame or knowledge? Knowledge.
24. Wealthy or happy? Wealthy.
25. Friends or lovers? Lovers. They can be both friends and partners :)
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