I haven’t rped him yet, but I absolutely adore Oz already hahaha
Might be my favorite dude. 
Song for the Set:
Ellie Goulding – Hanging On feat. Tinie Tempah
People in the frames: Oz {Francois Arnaud}; 
Sisters (since he’s adopted not biological to Oz) – Glinda {Lindsay Pearce}; Freya {Aubrey Anderson Emmons}
Parents (adopting) – Shia Adler-Donahue, dad {Matt Bomer}; Mika Adler-Donahue, father {Neil Patrick Harris} 
Drizzle St. James {Jennifer Morrison}
Full Name: Oscar Niklaus Adler-Donahue (adopted; formerly Blanchett) 
Nickname(s): Oz [everyone calls him that], Ozzy [Avalon and some of the younger girls], Ozwald/Ozlan [Presley], 
Age: 16 {March 10th} 
Year: 6th
Parents: Shia and Mika Adler-Donahue (adoptive) 
Parents Alumni of Hogwarts: Nope
Recommended House: Gryffindor 
Pet: - -none atm- -
Height: 5’ 11” 
Weight: roughly 165lbs. 
Eyes: Hazel/Olive depending on the light 
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Very light tan
Wand: 13½” Alder wood, Manticore hair
Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Boggart: --his boggart is complicated, it appears as a hooded figure – who he assumes is ‘death’ 
Patronus: Fox {might change} 
Personality: Very flirty with women of all ages – but more sweet and lot less creepy/pervy; very charming which goes along with him being flirty (lol); kind of a pain in the ass when it comes to men but he does have his fair share of make friends; sarcastic/smartass – mainly when it comes to other boys/men; generally very respectful towards most people; most of the time a perfect gentleman but he does have his moments of ass-ness; protective over the girls – generally the ones he ends up being around in NYC; when he gets awkward or angry/annoyed he tends to grow very quiet and blunt/harsh when speaking; cuddly with the girls – at least when they pull him close to keep them warm or what not; haunted by his blurry-violent childhood; relatively hard working – he’s not /the/ best student but at least he tries; 
Bio: Oz’s life before he was nine years old is much of a blur; he remembers faces, and fire – blood and so, so much pain. Such things plague him in his sleep, they wake him – and sometimes wake up his entire home if the night-terrors are bad enough. All he really knows is that whatever had happened to him, it was bad – no, not bad, chaotic and disastrous – and there are times he would rather just not remember anything at all about everything that came before he found himself in the Adler-Donahue household. 

From what he remembers of that night was an young woman, with long blonde hair and a very sincere smile, and for some reason he felt safe next to her – though he can’t exactly remember her name. Over and over again she said “you’re safe now” in this very heavy accent that he couldn’t quite pin-point where it was from, if his memories of that night are solid enough to begin with. The next thing he knew, he had woken up in a bed with two men, both with kind faces – one with subtle haze of alluring warmth to him and the other with eyes that looked like blue nebulas – two dark-haired women – one the elder of the other – and a very sweet red-headed woman surrounding him and the bed he was in, who all spoke softly as to not startle him. It would have been overwhelming to him, had he not felt safe being surrounded by all of them – that all of them were there to protect him from whatever had happened that had caused him and his head to hurt so much. 

It was a bit of a rocky start for Oz, unsure of how to act or what to do around all of these strange people – or even how to talk to some of them because of the fact that he only spoke French at the time – but things eventually settled in when he started to befriend some of the others – children of everyone of the long-time group of friends that lived in New York – and bonded with the men that he would eventually come to call ‘papa’ and ‘dad’ like his newfound sister Glinda did. The giant suitcase of gold that had been left with him didn’t happen to hurt the situation any either, which just added more to the mystery of where he came from; but as far as the others could tell, Oz is a muggle-born. 

Over the seven years he has been in New York with everyone, he has been enveloped into their group as one of their own; to Aella another ‘son’; to Shia and Mika he might as well be biologically theirs; to Imogene a nephew; to Drizzle a son as well – to his friends, basically another brother. Even though he has many of them to care and love him, that doesn’t stop his fears from creeping up on him, for the night-terrors to shake his confidence every one in a while, for a flash of blood to bring the horrors of that night to the surface of his mind. And this doesn’t stop him from feeling a bit out of place with those who had taken him in. He’s scared sometimes but he’s adamant about not being weak; after taking up boxing from Dorian, he includes it as part of his work-out régime every week to make sure he can defend himself to keep himself, and the girls he has come to think of as sisters, safe from whatever dark things are out there. 

Oz may not remember much of anything of most of his childhood, but he stays strong – he has to in the world that he now lives in – and tries his damnedest to remember anything at all to be useful to explain how he ended up in New York, so far away from France, but as time moves on he’s starting to believe that he will be much better off leaving the past alone. 
- Parents: Shia and Mika Adler-Donahue (adoptive parents) 
- Siblings: Glinda + Freya Adler-Donahue (as he is adopted, as is Freya) 
- Cousins: (not biological) Raoul Adler 
- Grandparents: (parental grandparents – not biological) Amelia and Cullen Gryffin 
- Aunts: - -none that are biological- -
- Uncles: - -none that are biological- -
- Friends: (too many to count, really, he’s generally very friendly, but he considers everyone that lives in NY like he does to be closest to him). 
- Although he does flirt with the older-women such as Imogene, Aella, and Drizzle he very much respects them and sees them as sort of his little group of stand-in mothers should ever he need womanly advice. 
- Sees himself as a sort of older-brother to many of the younger girls in NYC that are apart of the ‘NYC’ group of long-time friends; such as Elphie, Avalon, Presley, Nymph – besides Holliday herself as well, but he’s younger than her lol. 
- He has a strange relationship with “Yvaine” as he doesn’t exactly think of her as his aunt, but like Elphie, almost like she’s one of his friends – and frequently talks to her. 
- Although he can’t sing, he’s quite good at dancing; he took it up at about nine years old after he saw Shia dancing around in the dance studio that Imogene in Clara own, and began taking classes – along side some of the other kids. 
- He also knows how to play the guitar – something he learned from Drizzle, and a lot of the time in the morning you can see him playing guitar in the morning, or at the Hog’s Head, or even in drama. 
- Like many of the others in school have taken up to learn something as a form of self-defense outside of their wands, so ever since he was about ten or eleven, Dorian started to teach him how to box – and he has gotten quite good at it, incorporating it into his weekly workouts. 
- His drawing skills are good, but sometimes it takes him hours to draw something – and he can never truly make it look realistic, but when he’s bored he starts to doodle a little.
- When it comes to cooking he’s not the bad, but at least he doesn’t burn water. He knows a thing or two about baking a cake, and cooking well enough to make something edible enough, but generally he just lets someone else cook or eats in the great hall. 
- Likes ~ Music/Singers/Bands: Jack White/the White Stripes, Band of Horses, The Raconteurs, Jet, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, The Hives, Nick Cave >>
- Likes ~ Movies/Shows: Wilfred (FX), the Tudors, Charlize Theron, Thor, Captian America, The Avengers, Robot Chicken, V for Vendetta, Lord of the Rings >>
- Likes ~ Food: Carmel flavored coffee – mainly Honeydukes, donuts from Shia’s bakery, Stroganoff, Lasagna, Rootbeer floats >>
- Likes ~ Sleeping in late, days without homework, vacation, family time >>
- Dislikes: People being rude just to be rude, Brutus Fairfax, Ianto “Spike” St. John, people who are extremely snooty just because they have money >>
Link to Dorm: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50348608
Model: Francois Arnaud 
Bio collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1584434
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