Tonight you were at the oscars with your husband Harry styles and his band, one direction. "Morgan why on earth are you so nervous?" Zayn malik asked as you rung your hands for the third time. "I'm just nervous. " you mutter as you shuffle around in your seat. You were nominated for best actress. Despite many people and film critics saying you'd win, doubted that as you were up against Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Sandra bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker. So for all night you had been fidgeting as you were so nervous. Eventually Harry cracked. "Morgan, I love you but this needs to stop. Just calm down. You are nominated and that itself is amazing!" Harry whispered to you. "Thanks babe" you say smiling taking his hand. "And now we come to the best actress award. " the announcer said. "Are the nominees are: Jennifer Lawrence for the hunger games, Angelina Jolie for salt, Sandra bullock for the blind side, Sarah Jessica Parker for sex and the city 2 and Morgan styles for chalet girl. And the winner is. " now you were rally nervous. "Morgan styles for chalet girl." You were shocked to hear your name. "Babe you did it!" Harry said excitedly as you got up. "Oh god…" you began as Harry and the other boys gave you hugs and pushed you to go and collect your award. You were handed your award and was asked to make a short speech. "Erm, thank you for awarding me with this. It really is amazing. Thank you to my family for supporting me, my agent, my wonderful fans and to my beautiful husband you are my rock and I wouldn't have won this if it weren't for you. So thank you. " you were about to walk off stage when you realised you had forgotten something. You rang back to the microphone. "Oh and I forgot, to Liam Payne, Zayn malik, Niall horan and Louis Tomlinson thank you for being great friends and supporting me." Satisfied with your speech you turned to leave the stage when you heard yelling from the audience. "WOOO!!! GO MORGAN!!!" It was Harry and his band mates standing in chairs cheering for you. 'They are crazy!' You thought as you walked back to your seat as an Oscar winning actress. 

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