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I swear, on every continent, there is some sort of unheard rule that there /must/ be a creepy old man on the bus. Seriously. 

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MONDAY11TH-- The bosses realize that, after a long weekend of working late, everyone needs a day off. Spend it wisely.

"C'mon, honey, we're going to be late." Dennis rushed and put his tie on while I tied the bracelet on my wrist, slammed perfume carelessly on my neck, and applied a little more of eyeliner to accentuate my bright eyes.

Dennis and I had been together for almost a year now. He's the longest in a while, though. My longest was three and a half years, but that was with my high school sweetheart. I didn't like to talk about him much.

Er, anyway, Dennis went to school at Portland University and studied political journalism. I had no idea what in hecks that was all about, but it seemed to make him happy. Whoopdedoo.

He got invited to a little dinner party at one of his colleagues' mansion-house, and we were going.

I didn't have work tonight, since the P's realised we all had lives to get to. I hadn't been with Dennis in a while, so I suppose this would be a nice opportunity to spend some quality time with my boyfriend.

Oh, but I couldn't help but notice the possibilities of who was in that mansion at that party. Sure, they were all smarty-pants like Dennis, but one couldn't deny Dennis was still very attractive. Who's to say that these men aren't just in the same boat as he is?

We rang the door bell, his hand in mine, and the butler, so it seemed, opened up and led us in. The location was in the heart of the trees of Oregon, so it took a while to find it.

I needn't mention what I was doing while Dennis was talking politics with this friends. Somehow, I caught the eye of a boy in the background, unnoticed by the other talkative and eager men. While they ate their kabobs and conversation sprang wildly, I snuck off into the upstairs rooms and, well, guess who followed me there?

What a lovely night it was.

- Poppy


SHORT STORIES. I'm getting shorter with the stories lately. Inspiration gone! D: Ohwellies.

Feel free to include Poppy in your stories. :D

Type "Colleague" if you read all that! :P

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