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Friday 13: The Hartleys are holding a small get together in hopes that their daughter Anya will become more social. Head over and have fun at the estate.

(I used @followyourbliss 's character a bit, I hope that's okay. I also mention the characters of these people: @tania-l, @buds-over-studs, @the-clary-project, @curious-and-young, @strawberry-girl, I hope ya'll don't mind either! P.S. I'm up for collabs too!)

♪ | Paloma Faith - Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (omg I can't wait for the new album)

I grunt as I make my way through Anya's house. It's a nice house, very pretty and big. But it doesn't have a ramp. Which in my case, is essential. I sit there hopeless, expecting to see a familiar face that could help me to get into the house, but as usual, no such luck.

Bad luck seems to be friends with me. Since wearing heels is impractical with my wheelchair, I decided to put on some flats and I actually lost one a couple of blocks back. I didn't retrieve it because I couldn't reach for it and I hate asking for help. So now I'm in front of Anya's doorsteps, missing a shoe and sweaty from exhaustion.

Someone's voice shakes me from my thoughts and I see Liam's unmistakeable grin. I let a sigh of relief as I spot my shoe in his hand. “Give it to me!” I shriek, staring at the shoe.

“Not really...” He says. “You didn't say the magic word. Where are your manners, D?” He rolls his eyes, extending his hand towards me and giving me my shoe. I blush lightly and bend down to put it on clumsily. “I'll help.” He says politely and kneels in front of me.

“I don't know what I'd do without you.” I say with an honest smile. “By the way, where's Blythe?” I ask, looking for Liam's demanding wife.

As if on cue, a flash of brunette hair walks our way. “Darya.” She says dryly and nods at me. I don't really know what to do, so I just nod back and say her name, “Blythe.” We stare at each other in silence and she grabs Liam's arm. “We should go inside, it's getting cold.”

Liam turns to me, “Do you need help getting inside?”

I nod embarrassed, “Yeah, actually. They don't have a ramp.” We finally make it inside, after Liam cursing under his breath and struggling with my chair. It's quite a cozy and amicable household. Everyone seems in the mood for a party.

I spot Anya sitting shyly with a book in her hands. She's immersed in her reading and I feel bad for her. No one should be forced to have a party if that's not their thing. I don't say anything, because I kind of understand her. I hate when people feel pity for me. I didn't ask to be in a wheelchair and I don't think that changes my personality or who I am in society. Instead, I make way and stop in front of her. “I love that book.” I say honestly.

“It's one of my favorites.” She replies, looking up slowly and fixing her eyes on me. “Hi Darya.”

“Hey Anya, how do you do?” I ask politely.

She sighs, shrugging her shoulders, “Could be better.”

“Well, cheer up, it's your party after all.” I say with a smile, “I'll let you get back to your book.”

“Thanks.” She smiles back and turns the page of her book. I look around and spot Liam having a discreet argument with Blythe and then I feel bad for him too. He doesn't remember anything of the day he got married, that has got to be terrifying. And then you have Blythe with him, who is equally terrifying as the idea of marriage is.

I look at my reflection in the door and see myself stuck in this stupid chair. Then I glance at everyone, dancing happily, jumping up and down and even running around the house and I feel jealous. I hate not being able to do the same things as others, but I won't let that bring me down and ruin the night for me. 

Instead, I perk up and start socializing with others. There's obviously some interesting things going on in here. I see some tension between April and Lila, Belle sitting immersed in a book that Anya suggested to her, Lia and Will being perfect together and then I see Ethan's face with his stupid fiancé Meg and I roll my eyes. She looks super clingy and obviously enjoys the attention of others. Why did Ethan decided to marry her, I will never know.

Liam walks back a few minutes later, with a smirk plastered in his face. He must have gotten rid of Blythe. “I got rid of Blythe.” He says proudly. I knew it.

“Good for you. Are you ready to pull some practical pranks on others?” I ask with a sly smile on my face. We make a good team. We're both childish but not too much, we enjoy being adventurous and mischievous.

“Oh, you bet.” He says laughing, already plotting a prank in his head and scanning through the crowd for a victim.

“Hey, not too intense, okay? We're at Anya's party...” I say, feeling guilty already. Last time we pulled a hardcore prank, we almost gave a poor dude at the bar a heart attack.

“Duh.” Liam rolls his eyes, as if it were obvious he would never attempt that again. It gave both of us a good scare, anyways. “How about Ethan?” He asks, mildly interested. I shrug and give him a thumbs up. “Then let's do it.”
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