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Name: Ruby St. Hawthorne
Age: 20

Likes: Beer, BBQ, chips, leather – everything lol, boots, ruby red lipstick, long-hot showers, the smell of pine, her grandmother {Orla Brady}
Dislikes: Snobby rich people, perverts, people who think that since she’s a girl that she can’t handle anything, wine 

Bio (for Benton Hollow): Ruby is by no means a girly-girl. She may have curves and sometimes dresses a bit provocatively, but if you try to fight her – you’ll lose. As a young girl, she was a bit of a tom-girl, always playing out in the woods, scraping her knee – but never crying about it – and even has a deep love for working on her classic muscle car. Every day you’ll see her running around town – literally, she likes to keep in shape – or she’ll be cooking and waitressing at the local diner where she works. Despite being a girl, she is, in fact, one of the best hunters in town; but she only hunts game for food and to sell it at the local butcher shop for some money on the side – needless to say she’s not a vegan’s best friend. The color red is her signature, along with the bright ruby lipstick she always happens to wear – even when she’s bow-hunting. It would be advisable to stay on her good side, because although she might be friendly to most, cross her and you won’t be dealing with such a pretty, weak little girl. 

Relationship status: Single 

Fairytale character: Red Riding Hood

List your five other fairytale character choices/Models:
- Captain Hook – Peter Pan {Jason Isaacs}
- The Wolf – Red Riding Hood {Mark Strong}
- Huntsman – Snow White {Chris Hemsworth}
- Evil Queen – Snow White {Charlize Theron}
- Mr. Smee – Peter Pan {- -later- -}

Model: Meghan Ory

[My short story, usually I have MUCH longer ones haha]
- - - I’m not a hunter myself, but Ruby is so…yeah - - - 
@hurricane-holly I hope you don’t mind, but I put your guy in here :3 If you don’t like it per-say, I can tweak it a little – no worries 

There was a loud thud in the forest – loud enough to spook the birds to scare them away from the branch that they were nesting on; but that thud sounded like defeat to the group of burly hunters that had been there since five a.m.

“Are you kidding me?” One of them barked.

“I told you we should have gone hunting /yesterday/.” Another muttered. 

“There’s no way something that small can take down something /that/ big!” Yet another grumbled. 

Jumping down from the tree in which she had been perched, the twigs and leaves crunched under Ruby’s muddy rain boots as she marched off towards the giant male deer that now lay dead in the center of the clearing. She didn’t bother paying the hunters a little smirk or even a wink – because to them, that would have only been seen as flirtatious, and that was the last thing that she wanted them to think of her as. Besides, they weren’t all that a good-looking bunch either; even if she was one of few single women in town, she was extremely picky as to who tried to date her, let alone who tried to get into her bed. 

Not a word left her ruby red lips she went on as she always did when she made a kill in the forest. Maybe it could be see as barbaric with how easily and swiftly she went through the motions of field dressing the deer; but it had been something her father had taught her – his only child, a daughter, when he had so clearly always wanted boys. He was gone now – died when she was little, along with her mother, to be raised by her grandmother who didn’t exactly find it peachy-keen that her granddaughter could be so…/barbaric/. Never the less, regardless of when Ruby went – what day or time, or even the season – she never, ever, left the forest without a deer, a rabbit or /something/ to bring home. Some would have found knitting to be a more appealing kind of hobby, but it was as if encoded in her DNA that she /needed/ to hunt; a boy or not, she was a hunter – and a fighter. 

“Come on, Rubes!” one of them shouted. “Let one of these big-boys have a swing at the big-game of the day!” 

“I told them never to call me that.” She muttered under her breath. 

Other crunches from behind her make the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end; she absolutely hated it when they tried to get closer to examine what she was doing – as if they were /judging/ her for it, just because she was a girl. When the crunches grew too close, she knew then was the time to act. 

Dropping to the ground, she swung her legs around, knocking the man’s legs out from under him – sending him straight to the forest floor with yet another heavy thud and a grunt. Before even seeing who it was, she pounced on top of him and put the blade of her hunting knife to his throat, but her eyes softened as she saw the face of her would-be stalker. “Damnit, Hunter!” She growled.

Hunter Sprucewood looked into her gleaming green eyes with a big smile, his arms held out as if to plea for mercy – or at least show that he was innocent. “Hello Ruby.” 

Grumbling curses under her breath, she jumped up, making sure he felt her boot hit the side of his hip – making him wince. “Is there a reason why you follow me – or whatever it is that you feel the need to do?” 

“What? Is it a crime now to talk to a pretty girl?” He smirked.

Ruby spun around on her heel, narrowing her eyes, putting one hand on her hip and holding the knife with the other pointed at the ground. “You know what most guys’ problem is? The first thing they look at is a girl’s face, or a girl’s boobs, or a girl’s ass – god forbid she may have a bit of padding in the mid-section- -”

“Whoa, whoa? I can’t compliment you, as you are right now, as of now?” Hunter looked at her a bit incredulously and she rolled her eyes. 

“If you /really/ want to get a girl, try to concentrate on her brain, not everything you’d like to rub your /man-stick/ all over.” She spat. 

The brown eyes of the man standing in front of her narrowed his eyes, his expression shifting to something a bit more peeved instead of what he usually met her with. “You know that’s not all I care about, Rubes.”

“And another thing, I /hate/ that nickname, so you’re two for two in sort of pissing me off this morning.” Behind him, some of the hunters were growing weary; it was all fun and games of taunting Ruby St. Hawthorne until she got angry – then it got ugly. 

“When will you give up trying to prove yourself? I get it, /Ruby/, you can probably kick my ass, but- -”

“I don’t have time to deal with all of /you/ right now.” Her eyes narrowed that much more, to mere slits, as she glanced to the hunters that were several yards behind him. 

Hunter let out an exasperated sigh. “You won’t let me take you out for coffee, now will you?”

“What do you think?” After rolling her eyes at him, Ruby packed up what she had to take to the butchers – and what she had to take home – all away, before stalking her way through the mud, trees and leaves towards her father’s old pick-up truck that lay a few more yards ahead of her; the other hunters parted like the red sea, but again she paid them no mind.

“I’ll still keep trying!” Hunter called after her.

“I’ll accept when hell freezes over!” But despite saying no and no over and over again, deep down, Ruby didn’t /truly/ mind being pursued by someone; especially since, sadly enough, she was thinking about what he’d look like shirtless, but it was all just things that she’d keep in her head, and make sure didn’t escape out of her mouth.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Wait... I never commented on how you used Peter Bishop's mom (Orla) in this! Awesome :3

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
@hurricane-holly YAY! Wooo! lol

Wrote 5 years ago
Gah, so cute x3



DreamCast:The wonderful world of novels and tales

DreamCast:The wonderful world of novels and tales

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mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?

mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?

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