♫ In Love With A Girl - Gavin DeGraw

this story includes @ingrid 's character Darya <3

ouaw | Ethan

~*Fairytale World*~

"I'm telling you there was a woman!" I said as I took a seat by the window staring down at the beach. I saw Max running down the sandbar and barking. It looked like a person on the rocks. I didn't hesitate I ran and left the castle. I quickly caught up with Max who was barking and wagging his tail to a beautiful red haired woman who was sitting by the rocks. "Sorry Miss, is he bothering you?" I asked her.

--------Benton Hollow--------------

I heard someone knocking on my door and Max barking. "Just a second" ,I turned off the stove and went to see who was at the door. To my surprise Meg smiled at me and passed by me without even saying hello.
"What are you doing here?" I asked her in a normal yet annoyed tone. "I'm here to fix things" She said defiantly. “We’re on a break Meg… What part of I’m not sure about us, don’t you get?”
She huffed a little and walked towards me. “We’ve been together for years…” She said sweetly as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “How can you not be sure?” She was practically kissing me. I took a step back and walked into the kitchen. “If you don’t mind I’m hungry” I said as I served myself some pasta. Meg sat across from me, “Is it someone else? Is that it?” I shook my head.
“Then what is it?! Damn it” She screamed as she punched the table. I looked at her startled; she was acting like a spoiled child. “It’s you! I don’t know you anymore. You’re secretive, vindictive and frankly a b.tch to everyone else!” I said honestly. The look on her face said everything she was beyond mad, Meg was furious. “I will hear no more, you’re sick or something. I’m talking to your mother about this!”
“Do whatever you want, I’m not marrying you!” I told her and she stood up and left my house.
Surprisingly, I was calm and finished the rest of my lunch in peace. I thought about meeting Liam later as I walked into Darya’s Bakery. She smiled as she packed a few cupcakes into a pink box. “Hey, Darya what are you doing tomorrow night?” I politely asked her out.
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