Wednesday April 11
We all have a favorite color, one that we wear more than others so everyone put on your signature color and head down to the Blue Moon Pub for a "Get to know you party"

I'm not the most social in the world people thing I'm weird and out of place. Everyone thinks my dad is crazy but my mother was an actress the best in France. She fell in love with Dad and his crazy ideas and she died, she was murdered. And that sent me into a dark place for very long time. And just read books, I didn't want to be with people I just wanted to be in my own world it seemed. I had a lot of trust issues I only trusted my dad. But now I realized My mom wouldn't have wanted that. She so social everyone loved her even the person who killed her loved her. I don't want to be my mother but I want to be like her and make her proud. She always took my book away from me and took me somewhere telling me how the world is beautiful and I need to see it not read it. 

So that's why I came to the bar tonight wearing blue my favorite color. I met some people. 

 I met a man at the bar he was drinking and wearing a very fancy hat. I was sitting next to him I was reading because I was bored and he looked over to me. "Why are you reading when you should be talking to people" he commented and sipping his drink. 

I looked to him, "Well no one was talking to me"

"You can't talk to people?" He asked 

"I'm not good socializing" I stated. 

"Huh" He said looking back to the bar finishing the rest of his drink in one gulp and then turning back to me. "So where are you from?" He asked

"France" I answered

"That would explain the accent"

I shrugged I noticed his wedding ring just then out of the corner of my eye "you're married" I commented 

"Yep" He said like it was chore he didn't want to do.

"If you feel that way you should divorce her" I commented. 

"More complicated then that" He said like he said that a lot. 

"If you don't love her you should divorce her"

Just then a beautiful redhead in a wheel chair came by "As Liam says it's much more complicated then that, I'm Darya by the way" 
She smiled a warm smile at me, I couldn't help smile back. Darya seemed like a person you like right away, it remembered me of my mother. 

"I'm Belle" 

"That means Beauty in parler vous français" Liam said the worst french accent I ever hear. 

At the mention of the world France everyone looked toward the bar. Great that's what people are going to remember me as the French girl who reads books. 

"Are you from france?" Darya asked 

"Yes I am" 

"That's really amazing" She smiled 

"Yep Foreign Chick right here" Liam said, Darya glared at him. And then they bantered. Exactly like brother and sister it was amusing to watch. 

Later in the night I was talking to Ethan, Very interesting conversation, He was very intelligent man and i really like him, but like romantically but more like respected. He just seemed like a really good guy. 

And it was him who saved me from my nightmare Gaston, He interpreted our conversation about his dog Max. 

"Oh Look Belle has come out to play" he said stopping Ethan mid sentence. 

I turned to him in disgust "Gaston that was rude" then I turned back to Ethan and apologize

He ignored what I said. "Have a drink with me" he order not asked. 

"Never" i said firmly. 

"One drink just one" He begged. 

"No Gaston" 

"Come on" he whined an then grabbed my arm. That's when Ethan reacted. He grabbed Gaston by the arm tightly 

"I believe the lady said no" He said his voice frightening and gaston like the coward he was back off and almost ran out of the bar. 

"Thank you" i said to Ethan 

"Anytime" he smiled

"Can I get I get you anything Miss?" I woman asked me a while later. 

"Pourrais j'avoir un Cosmo s'il vous plaît" I said not even realizing I spoke another language

"Huh?" she crooked her head at me 

"Did I just speak french?" I asked unsure

"I think" She laughed softly, I joined in 

"I'm sorry English isn't my first language it just slips sometimes" 

"It's fine" She must have noticed the picture of my mother poking out of my clutch "Whose that?" She asked 

"My mother" I said roboticly 

"Oh she's very pretty" 

"She was" I smiled 

"She's dead?" the girl asked like she understood 

"Yeah" i nodded 

"My Mom's dead too" 

"I'm sorry for your lost" 

"Ditto I'm adelaide by the way"

"I'm belle" I smiled 

And then something happened that I expected but i didn't want to happen. 

"So you're the french whore whose Mom died and wants everyone to feel sorry for her" A blonde woman said as I was chatting with someone. 

"Excuse me?" I said my accent very thick with those words 

"I can't even understand you, Foreigners" She scoffed in disgust 

"Look I don't want anyone's Pity also I don't want any trouble" 

"You've got it Belle, Beautiful Belle, You've got the looks and the brains but not the social skills like your mommy has"

"What have I ever done to you?"

"Nothing but it doesn't matter you're strange no question about it you don't belong in this world" She smirked 

"I infer that you have issues, I'm betting on Abandonment" I said my voice strong then expected

That made her flinch. " off" 

"No one liked you, no one wanted you?" I guessed Another flinch telling me I was right. "It's not going to make anyone want you now, insulting people to make yourself feel better it's never the way"

"It's my way for don't try to think you know because you don't"

"And you think you know me enough to insult me drag me down, what would be gained if I was to run out in tears"

"It would be funny" 

"Enjoyment off of others misery because you have been in misery and want people to feel what you felt"

"Okay I'm bored now so You can take your ideas from books and shove them up your ass I don't have to deal with this" She left anything that. 

I made it home after 0200 hours. My father was in the garage still working on his experiment. But he got new supplies and I knew we couldn't afford it with my job at a bookstore and my book wasn't even out yet so I knew we had no money. 

"Dad where did you get the new stuff?" I asked leaning against the door. 

"I borrowed some" He said and my eyes went wide

"From Who?" I asked 

"Adam Bete"
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Ethan :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Darya or Liam? :3 either way, they're both mischievous and kind of have a tag team or something.

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