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Wednesday Ѽ | Party in a yacht! Ethan's very own company, Benton Hollow's Sailing Company, is having a party in one of their luxurious yachts. Bring a swimsuit and get ready to have fun! 

(Collab with my boo, @tania-l)

♪ | Kimbra, A-Trak + Mark Foster - Warrior

My sisters and I decided to have some fun at the shore. We weren't really allowed to do so, but we did anyways. They loved to do things against my father's rules. Personally, I enjoyed adventure and the adrenaline I felt after doing things I weren't supposed to. I'd never really seen a human until today. It was a male, and he was beautiful—a chiseled face and a mane of black hair and when he opened his eyes, the most piercing blue eyes stared blindly back at me. I jumped back, trying to conceal my face, because if we stand too close, they tend to fall in love with us and make us lure them to the sea, and the result is not pretty. Which is why it is forbidden for us to swim freely near humans.

"He's hurt!" I shrieked, staring at the still body laying in front of me while my stupid sisters giggled and tried to poke him while I fended them off and he tried to shake them off. They sighed dramatically, rolled their eyes in unison and left me alone with the man.

"Who?" He tried asking, but recoiled and laid back on the ground.

"Can you hear me?" I asked politely, not sure what to do.

"Yes" He turned his head in the direction of my voice. "Who are you?"

I bit my lip. I wasn't really allowed to talk to humans. "Uh..." I hesitated before I saw someone approaching. I dived into the water and disappeared instantly.

I snapped out of my daydream when I accidentally splashed water all over my shirt with the plate I was holding in the sink. I kind of drifted off, having this really weird dream of Ethan... oh my God, what was I thinking? I felt my face burning. He was engaged, and it's not like we really talked that much.

Okay, maybe it was because he was having a party in his yacht today. That must be it. I shook my thoughts and finished washing the stack of plates in front of me. It was already evening, so I decided to get ready and see if they needed any help or something. Meg was very high maintenance and she never did anything that would break her pretty long nails. All she did was brag and plan things—because everything had to go according to her plans... thinking about it, maybe she hired someone to help them.

I arrived at the harbor and it was already crowded. Liam waved at me, but Blythe yanked him off the ground and dragged him into the yacht. He looked back embarrassed, but I gestured him to go on. Someone helped me to get into the yacht and I thanked him politely. I actually hated being helped, since I could do my own stuff, but I let it slip because maybe the person was doing it because he wanted to and not because he had to.

"Welcome, thank you for coming." Ethan greeted the Benton Hollow's residents as they walked to the yacht. Meg was by his side looking perfect as usual.

The yacht was leaving at 9:30 p.m. and wouldn't return to the harbor until midnight. Everyone was busy, dancing, eating, getting drunk. 

"Hello, Miss Lambert? How's your evening so far?" I heard a voice asking me politely. 

"Oh, it's okay." I nodded as I saw Ethan standing next to me. "Nice yacht." I smiled, not sure what to say.

He ran his fingers through his hair, "Can I get you anything?" Ethan offered.

I shook my head, "I'm fine, thank you."

"How's the Bakery?" He asked politely. Ethan was a usual customer, getting coffee and some pastries everyday.

"It's great, I'm actually presenting a new cupcake flavor this Friday. Everyone's invited, if you want to go." I explained.

"I'll be there" He smiled at me. "Did your sisters come with you?" He asked looking around for them, I supposed.

I cleared my throat, "We really haven't talked much since... you know, my car accident." I said embarrassed. 

He looked down, "I'm sorry I didn't know..." 

"It's okay. I don't talk much about it because there's nothing I can do about it. I decided to leave my house and now I'm paying the consequences." I shrugged, my family rarely went out of their mansion these days. We didn't keep in touch at all. It's almost as if I weren't a part of the family anymore.

"I'm sorry things are like that. After my father died, my mother and I don't really talk anymore..."

I frowned, "The sad thing is that I don't really miss them."

"I like being alone" He mumbled. "Have you seen the inside?" Ethan offered me a tour of the company's yacht.

"Not really." I admitted, I wasn't afraid of water, in fact, I loved swimming. But I really wasn't very keen on having to socialize with others ever since the stupid accident. All they talked about was my legs.

"There you are!" Meg appeared and frowned at me. She rested her head on his shoulder as he instinctively wrapped his arm around her waist. "Hello." 

"Hey." I smiled, waving at Meg. She had an eternal b.tchface, but I didn't pay much attention to it.

"Ethan, our guests are asking for you..." Meg said as Ethan looked around, everyone looked busy.

"They don't seem like it" He told her as she glared at me.

I sat in my chair awkwardly, listening to the exchange between Meg and Ethan. "I guess I'll see you two around." I said, unable to stand the tension.

"Bye!" Meg said quite cheerful. I rolled my eyes as I sped away from them. She didn't have much competition in me. I was the only ginger person in town, and no one likes gingers, anyways. Besides, I didn't have flawless eyebrows like she did and most of all, I couldn't walk. No one would gladly accept my burden. Liam was the only person in town that didn't mind one bit my being stuck in a chair and I didn't even think of him that way.

I almost bumped with someone, "I'm so sorry!" I stared up to see a familiar face. "Bailey?" I asked, my cheeks flushing.

"Darya!" He exclaimed, giving me a hug. I stared at him startled. The one guy that took me to prom. My high school crush.
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I love this story!!

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really gorgeous set! <3


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