My Bias, Your Bias, Our Bias:

For @equinoxstar

So i figured dear that you were probably expecting someone from Block B, B1A4, or as I'm typing this I realize you like k-pop groups that start with B huh? Well, how about we add BtoB to your list then? *attempts to the do the eyebrow wiggle* 

I know that they might be on your list yet, or that Minhyuk might not be your "official bias", but they /could/ be ;) 

And I figure this could be our special group that we can fangirl over *goes into a cute pose* :) 


So if we double dated (btw, since i have not picked an official bias I chose Peniel because I love this boy and he is so underrated in the group^^) , here is how I think it will go. 

First of all these boys LOVE to eat :D 

So I figured we could take them anywhere and they would happy eating :) Like a buffet or something so there would be enough food to fill their stomachs ^_^ 

Then we'd stroll around the city and take selcas with our boys, and stopping by all the romantic parts of Seoul. 

And they'd run away and surprise us by coming back with stuffed animals they bought us :) 

It's simple but I think it would be cute ^__^ 

What do you think dongsaeng?
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