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dark days
-punch brothers
favorite song ever. it's so good go listen to it, now. dude, i want fall to come like, now! it's so pretty during autumn where i live. every tree changes color and the weather- oh god, it's perfect. and fall clothes it's my favorite tights with dresses, scarves, boots, skinny jeans, sweaters. ughh i want it to come so bad! and fall in the city is gorgeous. so im just sitting here pinning autumn related things on pintrest. like, i despise summer and spring it could be winter and autumn forever and i'd be happy. 
freshmen year starts in 9 days! i need to start my report! at least it's pretty easy! honestly, i loved to kill a mockingbird. luckily its not due on our orientation (the 15th) it's due the actual first day the 16th. im so excited/nervous. i got all my supplies complete with a vera bradley agenda and pencils in paisely meets plaid (: and oh yeah! i was out with my wonderfull father today and i got my northface backpack! it's the recon in black. it was on sale for like $50 so we both paid half. my mom doesnt know because she was like 'you can use your old one mmerrrpp.' even though theres a huge hole in the bottom and it has no padding and i have to carry EVERYTHING with me because my locker is on the first floor and all my classes are on the 2nd&3rd floors...and the northface is sooo nice.
and it has a label. i hate to admit that it matters to me but, it does.
omg i need to plan my frosh year outfit. its so close! gahhh. 
mybe going to lunch on wendnesday with a bunch of other consulars from camp.
going to oxford to move hannah in friday-saturday and then rushing back home for the parade on sunday. 
phew. that was alot.
lol i just like to blog to you guys.
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