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I sighed as I slammed my phone shut.

She (Tori) was still mad at me !?

I couldn't believe's been 3 years and she's STILL mad at me.

I put my phone in my pocket and started walking.

I had told Tori that I as going to the library to study but I wasn't .

I took a sharp corner and walked into an alley.

There I started walking farther...damn I should have just taken a car.

I started walking faster until I saw a clearing and an open door.

I walked in and saw him.

Casey, my best friend.

He was sitting there grinning like an idiot and had a controller in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other.

I grinned back and took one and grabbed the other controller on the sofa.

Soon after it turned into a serious heated match to see who could win.

We were playing a racing game and I was losing...bad.

I sighed as Casey's car crossed the finishing line before me.

I threw the controller on the sofa and leaned on it.

I looked outside and saw that it was dark.

Shit !

"Sorry man I gotta go" I said rushing to put on my jacket and run to the door.

"It's cool, see you tomorrow"

"Yeah later"

I ran outside throwing my cigarette aside. 

It was dark and knowing Tori she would either by hungry or have destroyed half the house .__.

You sighed in relief as you came closer to your house and noticed that nothing was destroyed....on the outside. 

You went inside and saw that it was clean and tidy.... just like you left it.

You went upstairs and decided to see if Tori was 

You opened her eyes and you were surprised to see how amazing her room looked.

I never knew she was into interior designing ?
you frowned thinking about that.

You looked at her sleeping figure in the bed and closed the door heading to your own room.

After taking a quick shower you instantly fell asleep.

------->> Morning Time <--------

I quickly got up to the sound of my alarm clock.

6:00, perfect.

I got up and did my usual morning routine.

I got dressed into the Ouran High uniform, loosening the tie a little and opening the white button up a little so you could see some skin.

I sighed as I ran a hand thorough my black, slick, choppy hair.

I put my glasses in my bag and headed down stairs.

I made my self some breakfast which consisted of some pancakes and milk.

I got up and decided to make Tori's breakfast as well knowing she would wake up late.

After making her an omelet and setting a glass of orange juice down for her I went upstairs.

I opened a plain white door and looked inside. 
Inside, where Mister. Tibbles and Tori's cat, Shampoo.

Shampoo had come here a few week before Tori and had already got used to living here.

I pet them both and gave them some food and water that would last them through out the whole day. 

The room was a play area/bedroom/bathroom/kitchen and a cat's heaven.

I looked at my cell and realized the time.


Casey would be here any minute.

I went downstairs and paused at the garage door remembering how I had lost my license to drive a few weeks ago.

Not that the school was far away or anything but I rather be driving in my own car rather than someone else's.
I opened the door just in time to see Casey's fancy Lamborghini pull up on my drive way.

I closed the door and jogged to his car.

He smiled at me as I got in.

I smiled back at him and off we went.

"Hey Damien...what about you sister..Tori right?'s she going to get to school?"

Oh shit.

"she'll walk. She's been here before, she should know where to go" i said with no emotion in my voice.

Of course I was scared but I knew Tori could handle least I hope.

I smiled as Casey parked his car and we got out.

Casey soon went to find his girlfriend and I went inside the school.

I decided to just go to my first class, English.

See I was studying to be a lawyer in the States.

I like self-justice and hate to be proven wrong, so it instantly clicked with me.

My parents were so proud...maybe that's why Tori still hates me.

I sighed as I sat down at my seat, taking out a piece of paper.

I stared at the piece of paper and started drawing.

rp anyone ?
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