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anya “jac” kerouac
ginta lapina

there is no question that anya reads books. before she learnt how to talk she was reading, which made sense since her father is a editor-and-chief of a publishing firm and her mother is a famous writer. however, both these busy jobs made it hard for the kerouac’s to care for their daughter. so lola, the family nanny, cared for anya. lola worked at the library off of 114th street – Butler library.

at the tender age of four, anya began devouring books, eating through Suess, Keats, M. Brown, everything that the children’s wing offered. at five, she began bouncing around the library, exploring the hallways while picking books off the shelves and throwing them into her little red wagon. while reading “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, who shared the same last name as herself, she began taking the pet name, “jac” and the name just stuck.

by fourteen the stranger who is her mother began bonding with the daughter she never noticed for fourteen years after her career took a hiatus so lucy kerouac took anya out of the library and into new york society. as much as she loved the lush dresses and extravagant outings, jac never quite fit in. she stood awkwardly in her dress as she towered other girls at 5’10’’ and always managed to drift towards the outskirts of social rings.

by fifteen, jac had no friends.

her mother began working again, her father never stopped working, and jac took a blow to reality when lola, her mother-figure, died.

two years later jac dwells in her parents penthouse while her father lives in his office off E 34th, her mother travels around the world, researching her newest novel and jac, lonely, lonely jac, spends her life in a library.


has anyone read “On the Road” by JK? it’s actually pretty good if you like picaresque or blabbering. either way, i’m not feeling very creative, so i’m taking kerouac’s name and applying it to jac’s. oh, and i’m sorry if this bio sounds so much like astrid’s! (i miss her nisha. please bring her back). i have a bad habit of slipping into “book-brains” whenever i sign up with a new character.
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