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Lego House by Ed Sheeran
Melanie Wilson 

Free day
“Thanks guys I’ll see you next shoot” I said to my makeup artist and hair stylist 

“No problem love you know we love to work with you” they both said giving me hugs before I left.
I took the town car to Nobu I was having lunch with my little brother Jack he was in town in town for a while and I missed him a lot. I walked inside and glanced around the room to see if I can see him. Him and his wife have a townhouse in the city that I use when Julian I have a big fight and I need to get away

“Reservation under Edwards” I said to the hostess as she nodded and took me to the table and I smiled when I saw my brother 
“Mel” Jack said getting up to give me a hug

“Jack sorry I’m late” I said with a smile 

“It’s all right, how was the photoshoot” he asked

“Good, how’s Jo” I asked

“Good she’s at home, she had an appointment earlier and went shopping for stuff for the baby” he said with a smile

“What’s she having?” I asked

“A boy” he said smiling like a proud dad “Okay enough about me and Jo, how are you and Julian” he asked

“Uhh were okay” I said

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“This whole prenup thing and my job may be the death of us” I said before taking a sip of my water

“Why?” he said

“The Edwards prenup is designed so the Edwards loses as little as possible even if it’s their fault and there are no assets divided “ I said

“So what you’re saying is if and Julian get a divorce you are left with nothing?” 

“Exactly and he wants me to retire after the wedding so if something goes wrong I would basically be put out” I said as the waiter put a plate of sashimi in front of us

“Do mom and dad know about this” he asked

“No I haven’t told them because I don’t want dad to make a big deal about it on thanksgiving “ I said

“Have you talked to RJ?” he asked

“Yeah I saw him the other day we have a meeting again sometime next week” 

“Is he coming to Dinner?” he asked with a smirk

“I don’t Julian would appreciate my highschool boyfriend at dinner” 

“Whatever you know he still likes you right” he said

“I know” I said trying not to smile about the moments we had together

“Mel you need to figure out this prenup thing or dad will not walk done the aisle infact he will not let this wedding happen” he said “Wait have you talked to Julian about this?” he said again

“It always ends in a fight, his lawyer is out to get me and his mother and he won’t stand up to either of them”

“Do Connor and I need to have a conversation with Mr.Edwards?” he asked as I smiled

“Do what you want just don’t hurt him or tell dad” I said 

“Because he’ll all the uncles and RJ’s dad and then he surely get hurt” he said as we both started laughing 

I missed my brother so much even though he’s younger than me he always acted like he was older, he always knew how to make me feel better and I’m so happy for him and Joanna they are going to make excellent parents

“So I take your having RJ keep this from his mom and dad?” 

“Well he can tell them he’s looking over the prenup for me just not the specifics of it” I said as he nodded

After lunch we were standing outside of Nobu, and I said “Jack tell Jo I’ll call her and we can do lunch and maybe do more shopping before you guys go back home” I said giving him a hug

“Alright and Mel get this thing sorted out or I can guarantee you dad will find out and we both know how that’s going to go down

I nodded and gave him one last hug and got into the car to go home. Jack was right there was no way I could marry Julian if I didn’t get this prenup figured out, and i don’t want another fight but we are going to have to deal with this eventually
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