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name: Delaney Grisham
age: 17
birthday: 23.07.1995
known as: The Future Miss America - Prissy Perfect – Trust Fund Baby One 

likes: good hygiene, Hermes Birkin, red wine, floral perfume, rooftops, Ivy League schools, Paris, Bentleys, Vogue France, travelling, philosophy, dancing, the beach at night, Pilates, dark tall strangers, the 50s, money, interior design, bonfires, dressing up, shiny hair, quality time, coral, white tulips, mangos, diamonds 
dislikes: low standards, acne, overly low parties, sweaty people, too many people in a small place, cats, fast food chains, knock offs, prudes, whiny complainers, vomit, basements, immaturity, dirty fingers, jealousy, tanlines, punks, superstition, rap music, low rise pants, panty lines, bad hair days, patent leather, high pitched voices, greasy hair, bad pick up lines

music: Mostly pop chart music, what’s in at the moment. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Adele, Coldplay, Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, etc. When she needs to unwind she sometimes prefers relaxed indie-rock, something like Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Lana Del Rey, Florence & The Machine. You get the vibe. 

food: Her physical appearance is very important to her, and she’s quickly understood (thanks to the consultation of top physicians, nutritionists and trainers) that your beauty depends on what you put inside your body. She follows a strict calorie restricted diet of no dairy, no gluten, mostly plantbased food. She makes sure to eat all of her superfoods, as in quinoa, blueberries, salmon, almonds and more. 

style: She believes that the way you dress says a lot about your personality, so she puts a lot of thought into the way she presents herself. She’s always perfectly groomed, going to the hair dresser every two weeks, getting regular manicures and pedicures and never missing her weekly facials and massages. 
She spends a lot of her time scanning through fashion magazines and online blogs to always know what’s in and what’s out. She regularly goes shopping to update her warderobe, but she has her classic investment pieces that she keeps and cherishes a lot. 
She dresses for the occasion, but she’s usually seen in something fashionable, eye-catching without being over the top, something sexy yet not vulgar, classic yet youthful. 

personality: perfectionist, sarcastic, arrogant, easy going, hard worker, loyal, trustworthy, defensive, blunt, cold, honest, manipulative, tough, competitive, determined, fighter, obsessive, protective 

bio: Delaney is one of those girls that you see and immediately have to hate. Beautiful and always dressed to the nines she makes heads turn around. She seems to have it all – beauty, brains, money, friendship and love. Equipped with a sharp tongue and a seemingly unfiltered mouth she doesn’t make liking her any easier. Her easy going way must reassure what you’re already thinking: This girl’s got it all. 
Well, kudos to Delaney because she puts a lot of effort into making you believe her happy, successful life comes easy. She’s a perfectionist with very high standards and someone who always puts her pride first – showing weakness or doubts is not even an option for her, making her seem cold and arrogant at first sight. 
It’s only when you look very closely that you see the small cracks. Growing up under the unapproving, critisizing eye of her mother and the big shoes of her family to fill she’s learned to always strive for excellence and to never be content with what she has. However well she does something, there’s a possibility of it being a better. Whatever she does it’s never enough. She doesn’t tolerate anything else than the best from herself, therefore putting herself under immense pressure to fulfill everyone’s high expectations of herself. Nothing scares her more than disappointing other people or showing weakness. 
Therefore she does everything possible to keep these cracks hidden, not wanting anyone to see her vulnerable and rather choosing to drive everyone away. Letting her guard down and trusting people is really hard for her, so it’s wonderful that she’s found the other five girls who know her better than anyone else and whom she can fully trust. Only they get to hear her complain about the pressure, only they get to see the vulnerable, ugly, imperfect side. They hear her contemplate why she’s so afraid of fulfilling everyone’s expectations but she’s damn okay with disappointing herself. 
Oh, if you thought ‘being perfect’ is easy you were so wrong. 

family: The Grishams are one of those familys you hear about in magazines but can’t believe they actually exist in real life. A picture perfect family consisting of superb lawyer Daniel Grisham (51 years, owns the Grisham & Co law firm), socialite Amanda Grisham (48 years, unemplyed yet head of many organizations and funds), David Grisham (21 years, Harvard Law Student), Delaney (17 years, off to Yale) and Denise (15 years, high school student). Gorgeous, successful people that seem to get along just fine, appearing in multiple publications as THE family and seen all over town attending various events together. They’re a powerful family, yet the relations between the various family members seem to be crumbling. 
Daniel and Amanda go through phases of passionate love and insane hatred. The only one suffering is Denise, Daniel and Delaney having gotten used to the changing winds in the family atmosphere. And even though the three children seem to be doing everything their family expects of them perfectly well one they can confess to each other how useless and demeaning they find the whole thing. It’s only a question of time and a misscalculation that will expose the true face of the Grishams. 

past/current relationships: Delaney has been dating jake nicholson (18, future lawyer) for the past year. Her parents are psyched and they believe they’ve finally found the perfect match for her. At the beginning Delaney wasn’t so sure whether or not she even liked him, but with time she’s gotten used to being with him. She likes seeing her parents very proud of her and now she’s actually looking forward to her future with him. 

secret: Delaney feels as if she’s living someone else’s life. She’s thankful for everything she’s got, but she’d like to operate on her own matter. She sometimes feels no connection to her life, as if she were filling in for a stranger. It’s not something she can confess to anyone but her closest friends. 

collection: http://www.polyvore.com/delaney_grisham_sa/collection?id=2542088#fans

model Candice Swanepoel 

taken by:


I was sitting by my vanity finishing up my make up as I heard yet another knock on the door. Before I could even answer my mom came inside, the rhytmic sound of her high heels announcing her arrival. 
I turned around to face my – as always – impeccably dressed mother. No one who’d see me would imagine it even possible, but next to my mother I always looked dishshelved, uncomplete, uncoordinated. She was wearing a pair of high waisted suede pants and a sleeveless, buttoned up blouse tucked in it, accentuating her narrow waist and toned arms. The daily morning sessions of Pilates with her personal trainer were obviously paying off. She looked stunning and young, despite her actual age and the fact that she had given birth to three children. As simple as her outfit was, the diamond necklace gracing her neck gave away how much money was going into the outfit and how well assessed she was. Her skin looked impeccably flawless and dewy, her make up was perfect as usual. She had her hair up in a tight ballerina bun, showing off her gorgeous face. 
I immediately felt awkward, sitting there in my silk robe and hair in loose waves. “Yes, mother?”, I asked, my voice calm and smooth. 
She sighed exasperatedly, “You’re still not ready! And what’s with your hair? You look like you just woke up!” 
I swallowed, “I’ll be done in a second.”
“That’s what you said three minutes ago. We have guests coming over and you expect to see them this way?”
“Of course not, mother.”
She shot me another glance and turned around, heading towards the door. Before she closed it behind her again she felt the need to remind me again of cleaning up my hair. 
Once the door was closed I quickly turned around again to finish up my make up. Even though I had planned to leave my hair down, I quickly put it up in a ballerina bun. I was about to head to head to my dresser when I heard another knock on the door.
She was going to kill me. 
The door opened, “Sorry I have to disappoint you.” 
I smiled at the sound of the familiar voice, “Jake! Oh, thank god it’s you.” 
He came into the room, his hands behind him, a sneaky smile on his face. The mere sight of him made my heart ache – he looked too good to be true. And he was all mine. 
I walked over to him, leaning against his strong body and gave him a quick kiss, “What are you hiding?”
He smiled at me while looping his arm around my waist, “A small something for my beautiful girl.”
I smiled back at him, leaning in again to give him another smile, “Well, don’t you want to give it to me then?”
“I was just about to and then my mind trailed off …”, he said, his hand sliding down to rest on my butt.
I bit down on my lip, “Oh really? Tell me more about that. I might be able to help you.” 
Before he could even answer I heard my mom screaming for us. I looked at him, sighing again. “That woman is killing me.”
He gave me a quick kiss on my nose before presenting me with what he was hiding behind him. It was, obviously, a jewelry case. Oh, he was perfect allright. 
I smiled at him while opening it. Once I saw the diamond earings lying in it I gasped. 
“Oh my god, Jake … I can’t even … But why?”, I stammered. 
“Just because. I’ll miss you.” 
I teared my eyes away from the beautiful earrings just to give him another kiss. “You’ll visit me, though.” 
“Of course”, he pulled me closer so that I could rest my head on his muscular chest. “But still. I won’t be able to see you whenever I want to.”
“It’s just for summer … and then I’m back.”
“To head to Yale.”
“We’ll make it work, baby.”
“I don’t have any doubts about that.”
I smiled back at him, giving him a kiss before letting go of his embrace and walking to the vanity, my new earings in my hand. “I’ll just get ready very quickly and I’ll meet you downstairs, okay?” 
“Of course. But don’t take too much time, you know how my mom can-“
“I know, baby. Don’t worry”, I interrupted before he could even finish. I hated his mom. She was even more obnoxious and controlling and judgmental than my own, and my own was a whole lot of that already. 

A few minutes later – I really had outdone myself in speed this time – I was walking down the carpented staircase of our home. I had put on a pair of floral printed shorts and strappy nude sandals because I knew how much Jake loved seeing my legs. To not completely freak out my mom I had worn a cashmere sweater over it, and of course the new earings my boyfriend had gotten me. 

“Oh, well, you know how Delaney is”, I could hear the familiar voice of my dad from the living room, followed by the laughter of a group. 
I immediately stopped in my pace, an uncomfortable knot forming in my stomach. I had no idea what was going on, but my guts told me it wasn’t going to make me happy. 
“The mere thought of her actually working is just hilarious.” Just like a knife, right into my heart. The fact that it was Jake muttering these words didn’t help either. 
“That’s a sight I’d love to see.” His b*tch of a mother. As if she’d worked a day in her life. Posing for ELLEdecor in their home didn’t count as work, not in my eyes. I was going to become a lawyer. That’s a lot more than she could ever even hope for.
“That’d be a sad sight. No, my daughter couldn’t work a day in her life.”
“Thank god she doesn’t have to. She has it made.” 
“She’s lucky to have you as parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grisham.” Someone should wipe away the trace of his slimy a*s compliments. “Without your help she’d be done.”

I felt like vomitting. This had to be one of the most humiliating moments ever experienced in my life. Granted, I’d never been in an actually humiliating situation before – perfectionism and a tendency to plan every little step ahead had helped me achieve that – but this was ridiculous. 
I wasn’t sure if I was angry, embarressed, furious, pissed or simply … hurt. Hurt and embarressed because I knew they were right. They were right in every word they said and it never had bothered me before. But now, hearing them talk about it and laugh about it … it made it real. More than just something I knew in my head and that’s it. 
I didn’t see anything wrong in not working. People worked for the purpose of getting money or climbing up the social ladder. They worked because they had to. No one works out of desire to work, it’s no one’s hobby. Why should I work? I didn’t need the money and I was born into one of the most prestigious families around. I didn’t need a job. If I got a job, it would be like someone perfectly healthy taking medicaments for something he doesn’t even have. It didn’t make sense. And yet the need for a job – to prove them wrong – crept up. 
I hated the thought of not being perfect. Of giving them an opportunity to mock me in this kind of demeaning way. I hated giving them the satifaction of being right, especially when they had put me in said situation. If my parents hadn’t made me grow up in that environment and in that way, I wouldn’t be like that. I’d be like the other girls. 
And who was Jake to judge me anyways? I wanted to punch him in the face. I wanted to see his perfect face hurt and bruised. It would crush his ego, just like he’d done to me. He had never worked a day in his life. Never. He had it made. Born into one of the richest families imaginable he had everything a kid could ever dream of. He got a Mercedes for his 16th birthday, just for trial. And when he turned eighteen he got his Bentley. (I had my own one, so I wasn’t going to judge. But at least I didn’t critisize him for having it! Hypocrit.) 

It was that pain, humiliation and frustration that made me do the crazy thing I was just about to do. Had I given myself five more minutes to calm my head I wouldn’t have ever done it. But I was nowhere in a state of thinking properly. I didn’t want a job. But I was mad at them for thinking I couldn’t get a job. Hell, I could get anything I wanted and not only because my parents would give it to me. I hadn’t gotten into Yale because of my parents. I worked my a*s off for what I wanted and I was about to prove to them how much they were underestimating me. If I wanted a job, I could do it and right now I wanted nothing more than a job. 
I quickly took off my shoes and tiptoed into the library. Taking my phone out of my pocket I dialled Ella. “Hey babe”, her cheerful, soothing voice responded immediately. Simply hearing her voice made me feel like I was either being hugged by a fuzzy panda or being wrapped in the most softest cashmere blanket. Everything seemed doable right then and there. Nothing could go wrong, right? The world was ok. 
“What’s with your voice? Are you okay?”
“I really can’t talk right now, I’ll tell you everything when we have dinner tonight. But I need to ask you for something and please, please make it work!”
“Oh, okay. What’s wrong?”
“Can you still contact the Au Pair Agency for me? I already have my flight tickets booked with you, so maybe they could quickly fix me up?”
Silence on the other end of the line. 
“El? Are you still there?”
“Yes. Are you sure?”
“Don’t you want to th-“
“No”, I interrupted her sharply. 
I could hear her hesitation on the other line. “El, please. I need this.”
“Alrights. I’ll try my best and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
“Thank you babe. This means a lot to me.”
“But you still have a lot of explaining to do.”
“I know, I know. Can’t wait for the ordeal”, I replied sarcastically. 
“You got yourself into it!”
“And you won’t let me forget that. Anyways, need to go. Get back to me as soon as you have an answer!”
“Alrights. Bye, babes.”
“Thank you again!”, I said before hanging up. 

Five minutes later I had recollected myself enough to be able to go into the living room without having anyone suspect anything. I walked in, hugged his parents, smiled at him, let him bask in the glory of being the perfect creature and having bought me these oh-so-divine earrings. I let it all happen around me, keeping up the smiling face.
My mind was far, far away though. What had I gotten myself into? I had ruined my last summer before law school. It had all been planned our perfectly well. I would travel with my girls to the bahamas, and I would just enjoy my time while they worked with children of strangers. I had made so much fun of their summer job and now I was about to do the same. Sam wouldn’t let me forget that, ever. Damn it. 
I heard my phone beep and after a quick excuse thrown around the room I grabbed it to check the message. It was Ella. 
You’re in.
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