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~Lightning, The Wanted 

-The color in this set makes me crave pistachio ice cream. 
-I am currently eating frosting. 
-I need some new music recommendations. 
-That picture of Marloes is so pretty.
-I had to dissect owl pellets (vomit) today in biology. 
-I'm looking forward to watching Jane by Design since it's finally getting exciting! How do you like the show so far, @diegolohve and @deercat? Anyone else who watches the show...?
-I'm going to work on a Melody Acosta story now. 
-I love how my blog looks. Check it out in case you haven't already seen it. 
-You guys should check out the tags on my sets. I'll be giving shout outs there. And other random things. 

1. His beautiful face-
2. His cute laugh-
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