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1.Wich countries have you visited? England,Scotland,Norway,Denmark,Spain,Greece,

2.What is your favorite movie of all time?
Don't know..oldies.

3.What is your dream job?
im the kind of person that can't be doing one thing so i actually love what i'm doing now.my morning job is kids therapist-with art therapy,animal therapy and farm therapy-agriculture.
and my night job is as a sous chef in a lovely italian restaurant.when i finiish beauty school i may add another job.

4.if you could have any superpower what would it be?emm..im not a fan of superpowers but it would probably be a ability to never have to sleep:)

5.Who is the person you admire the most?My boyfriend.every day in the past 6 years i admire him more.

6.Do you have siblings?yup.two sisters and two brothers.

7.How many languages do you speak and where are you from?i speak 5 languages:) originally from the u.s but living around the world

8.What are the 3 most played song on your ipod ?
very hard question because i listen to so much different music..but it would probably be andrea bocelli songs.

9.What TV series are you watching?i dont really watch t.v. the only series i watch is bones and desperate housewives:)

10.What is/was your favorite subject at school?was 
Archeology i loved that class!

11.What is your favorite work of art?
It's impossible to choose one..i love Camille Pissarro,claude monet,Armand Guillaumin,
winslow homer and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
all their artwork,is so beautifull and inspiring.

My questions:
1.what is your favorite food?
2.places you’d like to go on vacation?
3.ways you find Inspiration?
4.what are your hobbies?
5.Do you own pets?
6.your favorite books of all time?
7.must do before you die list?
8.how would you spend an ideal fun night alone?
9.most spontaneous thing you've done?
10.Greatest fear?
11.known\Famous person you admire?

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Wrote three years ago
great set, i like so much the pics!!!and wow you've been in a lot of places!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
thank you so much @manolitaki

Wrote three years ago
Love the pics so much :)))

Wrote 4 years ago



Contests: Everything we love

Contests: Everything we love

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in a Good Style!

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7th place in group contest: MAXI Dresses!

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