I was sitting at the kitchen table sipping my coffee and reading a book. I was exhausted because this week I wasn't able to sleep. I still wasn't adjusted to L.A., and I missed Tristan and New York.
"Hey Dimples," Brandon bounced into the kitchen. Leave it to the gay guy to be chipper this early in the morning.
"Hey," On the other hand, I wasn't chipper.
"What's got you down, cutie?"
"Nothing, just trying to adjust to life here in L.A., and I miss my fiance."
"Oh, right, right, right. Mic isn't the only angel with a boy. Is yours a hottie?"
I grinned and nodded, "Yes, he is...
Mic and Erich walked into the kitchen all over each other and it made my heart ache.
"Would you three excuse me?" I walked to our room and sat my book down and picked up Thumper and walked into the phone room to call Tristan.
On the third ring he picked up, "Hello?"
"Liv! How's L.A.?
"It's alright. It's not really my cup of tea. I miss you. Thumper does too."
"God, I miss you two too."
"It's hard not sleeping next to you."
"You are sleeping though, right?"
"Kind of."
"Liv, you need to try and sleep. It's not good for you."
"I know, I know, but enough about me. How's New York?"
"Good, I can't believe how much I miss you too. Right now we're just having band practice."
"Do you want to talk later?"
"No, it's alright if I talk right now. So how's everybody? How's the show?"
"Weird... I'm definitely not used to having a camera follow me around. There's three guys with us here."
"Yeah, before you mind goes off and running. Cher's got a crush on one of them, another one is all pervy about Mic and the last one is gay. No cheating will happen here."
"Alright, alright. You didn't have to explain, I trust you."
"Sure sure. So everything's good in New York?"
"Yeah, just the absence of you sucks..." I tear fell out my eye and Thumper wanted on my lap. I picked him up and sniffled.
"Are you alright Liv?"
"Yeah, I just didn't realize how hard it is being away from you?" Then the waterworks started.
"Liv, don't cry, please. Just think about how good this is going to be for you, your career."
"Is it worth it if you're not here with me?"
"Liv, I will be with you, I'm coming down to see you on Thursday, when everybody comes for the premiere."
"But then you leave."
"I know, but things will be alright. I promise. I won't let you come back, this is too good for you."
"No buts. Just relax, I promise things will get better. Just go walking and go shop or something, just something to get your mind off of everything."
"Alright, thank you."
"You're welcome baby. So I'll see you on Thursday?"
"Of course, I love you."
"I love you too, bye."
I sat the phone down and took a deep breath. Thumper was looking up at me and wagging her tail.
"You wanna go out for a little walk?" She just kept looking at me with the same look.
"Well, I'm going to take that as a yes. Let's go."
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