Outdoor Style

Indoor-outdoor living continues to be a big trend. We decorate our outdoor spaces much like we would the interior of our homes, and often the same rules apply. If you’re looking to furnish an outdoor area, what’s the best approach?
First think about how you’ll use the space. Will you dine outside, nap or chat around a firepit?
Second, consider the elements. Is it a covered environment or wide open to the elements? On what kind of material will the furniture rest -- bare dirt, grass, stone, wood?
Third, how much space do you have?
And last, shop! Look for furniture that fits your space constraints, and that will last through whatever weather it will face. If you have a covered or paved area, you can even put down outdoor rugs, upholstered cushions and lamps! If it’s more exposed, furniture that can get hosed off would probably be more ideal.
Remember that every material, no matter how durable, will eventually wear down from the elements, so if you want your outdoor furniture to last, you will need to keep it well-conditioned or covered in extreme conditions.
Whether you end up with an elegantly appointed formal terrace or a fun tiki bar, your outdoor space can reflect your mood and taste. If you want more ideas on how to decorate, take a look at these backyard beauties and get inspired!
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