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You and Zayn had gone to a Chris Brown concert. It was his birthday and you wanted to surprise him with something, you tried getting tickets for his favourite singers concert but they were all sold out, but you got Chris Brown and he was still a big fan. When you arrived you found where you was and you was at the front because you wanted the best for him, but you also went V.I.P! So you got a good view, it actually couldn't of been better. You was so excited, it was unbelievable. You enjoyed it so much and it was half way through and you started to see Zayn get figity and you wondered what was up but you left him to it. But then he jumped up when 'With You' came on you nearly pooped yourself. Then half way through the song, he got your attention and got on one knee and said, 'Will you Sonali, marry me?' He actually looked really nervous. You smiled and screamed, 'Yeah, course I will Zayn!' You was so excited he put the ring on your finger and you jumped up and gave him a massive hug, and a kiss! Both of you had smiles planted on your faces throughout the rest of the concert you couldn't believe. Looked like there was two surprises in store that day!


Hope you liked it<33
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