Where is my securrity, and my DJ??

<3 My special oreos!! <3

☮ @boy-and-girl-anons 
-Hayes, my big brother. I love you!! and even tho we my have our ups and downs, i will always be there for you. you are the best big brother anyone could ask for. I try to remember and be nice, because at the end, all we have is eachother. including ethan ツ
☮ @anons-are-my-thing
-MOMMY!! i love you so much!! you helped me when i needed it the most. I know i can be a paing in the fdging neck sometimes, because i've done everything from drinking, to saying i hate you, and im sorry for that. i love you. A lot. i would do anything for you.
-Ethan. My widdle brother!! i love you kiddo. one day your going to grow up to be a strong man. One day, you will get married to someone who is amazing. i love you!!
☮ @kitty-45 {Daddy}
-Dad. i love you, and dont forget it. i just dont really have a lot to say because we dont talk a lot. but i still love you. mkay by.

☮ @crazybeautiful11 
-Dalton. i love you soo muchh. more than anything.im always gonna be there for you. i hate seeing you depressed, because then it makes me feel depressed, so i always want you to be happy. your funny and weird, and a dork, and i love you for that :))
-Emily, i hope you are doing better and dont let thos bullies get you down. They dont know shlt about you, so they cant judge you. if you ever need someone to talk to, im here for you.

☮ @just-anoning 
-Jaelyn. Yes. we have met at an awkward time XD but you are still my queenie!! I love you so much, and i will always be there for you. Now. give me your GOT DAM OREOS!!
-Maddie. I met you a little after jaelyn. i was so happy to help you with what was going on with that no reply guy. i am always gonna be here if you need help. now we still have that hair appointment.

☮ @an0ns-wbu 
-HAYES!! My best friend in the whole wide world. I am willing to be there whenever you need it, i would do anything for you, because well, your my friend. you helped me when i was down, you are there for me when im happy and im always gonna do the same for you, cookie monster!
-Skylynn. you are my pocket full of sunshine, my little princess, my little fairy. I think of you as a little sister, and i love you so much. Im always here, if your sad or scared. i love you!!
-Reine. OH MY GAWD GIZRL YOU ARE THE BEST!! #naenae!! Thanks for everything, thanks for being there, making me feel better when im sad and thanks for being fuunnnnyyy!!

☮ @your-celeb-anons My weirdo friend. Lets be honest. you are straight up weird. haha, but the good kind of weird. i never seen you sad or upset, but if you ever do start feeling that, im here fo you to talk to you.

Vanessa!! I LOVE YOU!! you actually listen instead of wanting to eat 24/7 unlike some people I know *Cough* Jaelyn *Cough*
Matthew, I love you! Thanks for listening and being there. You actually understand why I do things and you don't get scared when I pick up sharp objects unlike some people I know.cx You really cool and your the best!
☮ @cutethings143 
-Jack. the taco bell creep. That still scares me. Your funny and you have such a great life and a lot of things going for you. dont let no one stop you, because i am always gonna be here for you. im sorry for irritating you somtimes, and being scared of a lot of stuff!! im just weird like that yhaha.
☮ @just-your-sexy-anons
TAYLOOOORRR aka Assfart c: I wuv you. and your my loser, but and you have a big head. im joking im joking but later i'll be you tacos, and then we can go to starbucks and harass the cashier c:

☮ @sxyan0ns
My best friend. I'll always be there for you. Just PM me anytime. Your really funny and your weird. the good kind of weird cx. ill finish editing this later cx
(Ill edit this latter)
☮ @jacobmiller
Nash. Nash. nash. Your one of my friends. i dont really know you that well so i'll edit this later c:
mkay bye!!
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