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Hey girlies♥ How're you doing today? I hope you had a wonderful day. I've got some cute L a z y outfits for you today. How many of us don't really want to put together a mega adorable outfit within an hour? I know I don't. Now, let me just say, when you're lazy, you can still look adorable without just throwing on sweatpants and a sweatshirt. ♥ Anywhoo~

On to the tip!

O1;; Nerdy Stripes
This is an adorable look, is it not? c: 
Just take a striped sweater, some boyfriend jeans, and Converse!♥ You can obviously switch out Converse for Moccasins, the Striped Sweater for a solid colored one, etc. 
I put in minimal makeup because, if you're lazy, you don't want to spend the time doing a cat-eye or something. Nude lip gloss & mascara works just as well.
I picked out a cute backpack & nerdy glasses to seal in the nerdy part of the name. Of course, if you don't have school that day, or you're just too lazy to dress for something, you won't need a backpack c;

O2;; Diamond-in-the-Rough 
Okaay:) You'll just need a sweatshirt, preferably an oversized one. You'll also need Yoga pants and moccasins. Just slip it on and b a m!♥ 
You could, of course, switch out the yoga pants for sweatpants, the moccasins for flats, etc.
I put the same amount of makeup because, like I said before, you don't want to take too much time. A brighter color of lip gloss and good mascara works amazingly. Add blush if you have time. 
To amp up the glam factor, I added glamorous looking moccasins & an adorable backpack. Also, to emphasize our youth ;), a YOLO necklace.♥

O3;; Belted Baby
Lame name, haha♥ Anywhoo, just take a solid V-neck shirt from Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle, etc. Pair it with some skinny jeans and a braided belt. Add UGGs (the shade depends on your shirt).
You could switch out the V-neck for a scoop neck or something; the skinny jeans for flares, etc. 
I used minimal makeup, like before. This time, I used a more bold shade to attract attention to your pwetty facee;) Use mascara to define your eyes (obvi).
I used a cute striped backpack and bangles matching the color of your shirt. You could add more, but I thought bangles would suffice♥

I hope you found these cute♥ You don't have to be all dressed up every day (even though I prefer to :p), but when you're lazy, you don't have to go all "I-just-got-out of-bed". You could if you wanted, though (outfit two does this, a little). I've nothing against it c:

Onto the H A I R ♥

Outfit O1;;
For this outfit selection, wear it wavy/curly. To get this you could use sock curls, or any other curling method you would like.

Outfit O2;;
For this cute little outfit, pull your hair into a side pony. You might want to part your hair right about your left ear for this, if it helps. It does help for me. ♥ Tie with a bold colored elastic, add shiner or glitter :p♥

Outfit O3;;
Now, for this outfit, you can leave your hair totally simple. Just part it to the side and straighten. Then, take bangs you receive from the side part and braid it back. However you braid it is up to you. Some ideas are the;; Dutch braid, French braid, normal braid, fishtail braid, 4,5,or 6 strand braid, etc.

Voile!♥ Enjoy your cute outfits, and I'll see you next time!:)
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