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Outfits I want!

I see amazing outfits all the time and of course "like" them. I created this collection so I could keep them someplace to refer back to when I go shopping!
  • Summer Of Love @botkier and the #HONORÉ crossbody.
    "@irishrose1 I love this outfit, it is so me!!! It's the perfect combo of dressy and casual....and the shoes are perfect! And the way you put this set together is so soft and warm. Love all of it :)" — @sedenney12
  • Nice day
    "@janephoto I have to have this dress! It would be perfect for the office...I got that idea from somewhere? Great set and outfit, doll!!!!" — @sedenney12
  • Gingham Style!
    "I LOVE this dress....I need it!!! @jenalind you put together such a great set!" — @sedenney12
  • A Summers Night in Minsk
    "I need this outfit for this summer @quidiuris27 !!" — @sedenney12
  • Jaidan
    "Look at these earrings!!! Love the way you styled this outfit @trkoehler!!" — @sedenney12
  • Classic Casual
    "I want every part of this outfit from the jewelry to the bag! It looks so classy but comfortable! Thx @musicfriend1" — @sedenney12
  • out and about in London
    "This outfit is fabulous from top to bottom! So very classy @kayachan" — @sedenney12
  • Camel and neon
    "I love this dress so much!!! Paired with the shoes and jacket make this outfit so very classy. @mrs-box does such a great job making the clothes the main feature in her beautiful sets, that's why I like them so much." — @sedenney12
  • What do you wear with your jeans?
    "@lindacaricofe I love this outfit! My goal this year is to wear more yellow and this outfit is definately my style :) The jacket and shoes are both amazing!" — @sedenney12
  • Blue and Gray with Booties
    "This gray dress is classy yet simple and paired with these shoes only makes it Fabulous! I love the vintage look of this whole outfit @exxpress!" — @sedenney12
  • Tunic Contest I
    "This outfit is Fab...I'm a sucker for embroidered shirts and who wouldn't love these red booties! Great job @staciegh" — @sedenney12
  • Untitled #820
    "Love this suede Coat!! The way @browneyegurl pairs it with the jeans and pumps is perfection :)" — @sedenney12
  • #31
    "So cute...love the color and design of the green blouse. Paired with a great pair of jeans and this fab sweater...perfect!" — @sedenney12
  • :)
    "The color combo of tan and blue is Fab!" — @sedenney12
  • Passion With Attitude
    "I love, love, love this dress with the fab shoes!" — @sedenney12
  • My First Love
    "Love the contrast of the crocheted dress and cowboy boots!" — @sedenney12
  • I love pretty....
    "Love the vintage look of the dress and shoes!" — @sedenney12
  • You Ain't Nothing but a Troublemaker Girl
    "Love the jacket with the sheer top underneath!" — @sedenney12
  • The Shoes ~ Fabulous Stripes
    "I love these shoes too, but the whole outfit is Fab!" — @sedenney12
  • Untitled #216
    No item description


Wrote two years ago
Thank you @janephoto for putting together such a fabulous outfit and set <3 You are such a Sweetheart!

Wrote two years ago
Amazing collection!!!!
Thank you for adding my set!!!!!
Big hugs!!!!!:))

Wrote two years ago
I might have to because I want it all!!! hee, hee

Wrote two years ago
Thank you!! :-) Don't overload that credit card now! xx

Wrote two years ago
I'm afraid my wants are a lot bigger than my checkbook! (that's why they make credit cards, right?) I have seen so many wonderful outfits in the short time that I have been here and my memory isn't what it used to be (what was I saying), so that's why I made this collection. I knew it would only be a matter time before I put one of your amazing outfits/set here :) Thanks @lindacaricofe for being such a huge support for me!

Wrote two years ago
Me too me too, want all of these, teheheheheheeee...thank you so much for adding my set to your collection....I feel like a shopping spree after seeing this, whooppepeeeeee...yu can come too :-)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @browneyegurl for putting together such a great outfit!!!

Wrote two years ago
@sedenney12 great collection! thanks for adding my set! :)

Wrote two years ago
@jenalind your outfit was Fab and your set was so beautiful...thank you for creating it :)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for including my set. =)

Wrote two years ago
@candy420kisses I absolutely love your sets...I continue to go back to your profile to view them all the time! Thank you for creating them :)

Wrote two years ago
ty for adding my sets to your collection

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @denisa-r for putting together such a great outfit! I love it!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set! I'm glad you liked it :)

Wrote two years ago
@mzdiamondgirl You have such a great eye for fashion. My dream is to own all the outfits in this collection :) hee, hee

Wrote two years ago
Awww, Glad you liked my set,
Thank you for including it in this wonderful collectiion


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