its me, @chinesefolkmusic soooo, i just made a tip for outfits for the whole week. hope you like it.

- Monday
well, just dress 'normal' i guess. don't be too lazy & don't go all out. just find some interesting vintage sweater, skinny jeans, lace-up boots & an interesting pendant. for hair, i would do a fishtail braid, & for makeup, i would do either natural, or eyeliner as the main focus.

- Tuesday
well, since on monday, you just dresses normally, you want to throw a little more effort onto this one!
find a pretty but not TOO formal dress with some sort of lace on it. it will go with the lace tights :D
wear a lacy bra. even though no one will see it (maybe...) it will still make you feel really pretty ♥
also, black oxfords complete this outfit. you can even wear ones with spikes xD
for makeup, dark red lips (maybe not for school, but only if you want too :) or eyeliner.

- Wednesday
so yesterday was your 'fancy day', so today you get a break.
wear a comfy soft top in a monochromatic gray color. you can wear black sweatpants & gray uggs to match with the top.
if you want, wear an interesting scarf.

- Thursday
again, just dress 'normally'.wear a band t-shirt with skinny jeans & connverse. eyeliner.

- Friday
dress up again!
a velvet dress, doc martens, patterned tights & a thick belt. wavy hair & natural makeup or eyeliner

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