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((Character Bio Portion - I wasn't sure how in-depth to go so I tried to flesh her out but leave room for interpretation and growth and I haven't read the last three books yet so if you choose her, feel free to edit or rearrange her as necessary, this is just a general concept anyway. :) )) 

Name: Ariana Altaira Archer / Arianna “Anna/Ari/Annie (depending on mood/town she’s in)” Lynn March 
Name Meaning: Altaira is derived from a Latin word for ‘star’ 
Race: Elf
Age: 25
Appearance: 5’2, green eyes, blond hair that usually gets dyed dark or medium brown, pale skin that she sometimes uses tanning lotion on. 
Personality: Playful and serious only about keeping hidden from her parents and other elves. Ariana loves nonetheless dresses with a boho style and due to her budget often shops more at yard sales or charity shops- though a few expensive pieces from her former life appear on occasion. 
Hobbies: Club hopping, drinking, darts, having brief flings with men who wander through her life, dumping the men who wander through her life, making friends, and not admitting she reads any news stories about her family. 
Job: Bartending and waitressing at a bar and grill in the only mildly-shady part of town. 
Magic: Hates it and would rather use the .22 she’s got in her bedroom. You never know who might be watching Ley Lines, and Wild Magic tends to go haywire too often. 
Favorite Foods: Iced Chai from a Vegan coffeeshop she's found. They have gummi bears too. 

Two thousand years ago the elves fled the ever-after and made their homes in the human world- hidden homes some of them, while others hid among the humans. Time passed, and even the hidden enclaves began to fade away. Elf children became ever more rare, and the elves themselves dwindled. 

Ariana Altaira Archer was born in the human world but she's never understood the history her parents taught her- not the hatred of demonkind nor why there had to be war- the answer that ‘demons are bad’ and ‘black magic is unnatural’ seemed rather… shallow, but then she was a naive, sheltered little girl who grew up reciting what she was told and acting how she was asked but never really understanding it. She liked to live in her head, and dream of worlds that made sense, where magic didn't mean you had to look down on humans or witches and even demons were something other than what they seemed. She had human nannies and chauffers and bodyguards and spent far more time with them than she did her parents, or the reserved, stuffy elves they found sometimes to tutor her. 

And then, like all children she grew up. Her father, Marcus Archer is head of Valstar- one of the world's largest weapons corporations. Her family's business is war- and not even the human wars they supply killing-machines for, but an eons-long quest for a weapon to destroy the demons and take back the ever-after. 

Even that Ariana could ignore since she couldn't change it... but when her socialite mother started dragging her to parties not to put in appearances but to find a suitable elf husband to, well, breed with... Ariana reached her limit. The only other elf of her own age she'd met at all during her childhood was Trent Kalamack and while he'd been all right, it was a party where her parents shoved her toward him that she snapped. Trent had not grown up kind, or funny or endearing- he was cold and poised and... exactly like every grown elf male she'd met. Exactly like her father and even her mother. 

They all made better statues than living beings and Ariana wanted no part of it. She left that night, packing her bags and disappearing into the darkness with every piece of expensive jewelry her mother and herself had worn at the ball...

She took out as much cash as she could that night, and ditched her cell phone and credit cards with a homeless person. She pawned some jewelry and drove to Illinois, ditched the car and bought a junker. It broke down in a small town and she used her high-end education to get an off-the-books job as a waitress. When she had some more cash and a few connections she found an identity forger and bought his services. Arianna March was a two year old girl who'd died some eighteen years ago, but she was now a 20-year-old bartender in another town and another state. 

Anna has spent the last five years that way- she's had a couple jobs and she's kept clear of magic and Inderland-related issues as much as possible. Only now she's landed in Cincinatti and Inderlanders are all over the damn place. Every which way she’s running into a vampire, a witch, a were… and she avoids anything sponsored or attended by anybody from Kalamack Industries. And now there are demons, if the rumors are true…?
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