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name: abbey rhodes
age: 16
grade: junior
relationship status; looking at a certain senior and waiting for a miracle
bio: Abbey is one of those people who often go unnoticed by others, but when she stands out, it's no good for her. Like that day in pre-school, when those pretentious little girls were showing off their old-money last names and she had to tell everyone that her parents named her after the beatles' famous album. She's known by most people as "the redhead who doesn't really talk'. Truth is she's got a busy mind, she's pretty funny and can go rambling for hours about anything; she just keeps to herself. She dislikes the snobby girls of OVA, but can't help comparing herself to them because of her insecurities. Most likely to be found reading a book, bantering with daniel or snapping photographs around the campus, but in any moment her true self can come out. She'll have some problems if she doesn't get out of her shell soon.
model: is emma stone okay?

audition format;
name: Daniel Grant
age: 16
grade: junior
relationship status: single
bio: Daniel used to Live in Europe until his parents decided they wanted to travel more, and sent him to various boarding schools. Until last year when he moved in with his grandparents, right next to abbey's house. He's an only child who spends most of his time alone: reading in his huge library, staring out the window, or riding his horse. Shy at first but he's incredibly stubborn... and smart. Daniel may come off as a rich as.shole but he actually hates being "high society", wishes he could run away from everything (in his horse, if possible) and have fun for once in his life. 
model: dave franco

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