Day one – This is our last weekend before we’re forced to go back to the torture chamber better known as school. Hope you’re break was absolutely amazing because I know that mine definitely was. In honor of one last hurrah, Anna is hosting a party at the Beverly Hills Hilton to help you try to forget about it.
"Thanks Talia." I said as she handed me my drink.
"No problemo." She said as Fortune sat down on the lounge to my other side, sighing. 
"Okay, Geoff is really annoying." 
"What did he do now?" I asked sick of her boy drama. All i really wanted to talk about was was why exaclty Ash and Jojo were talking right now, and why Ash still hadn't talked to me.
"He's just such an ass!"
"Than why do you even hang out with him?" Talia asked.
"Because, he's Geoff!" She said as if that explained anything.
"Fortune, if you're going to hang out with him, than you need to stop complaining. Anyway, onto more important things. Do you think i should go talk to Ash? Or should i wait for him to come to me?" I asked. 
"I would say wait." Fortune replied.
"I say go." Talia said.
"Well that helps." I said checking my phone to see if i had any new texts.
"Uh, maybe you won't have to decide. Ash is watching you now and looks like he might be coming over." Talia said to me. I looked up, hiding behind my sunglasses to see that he was looking straight at me. I stood up and peeled off my cover-up. I was wearing a new black one peice. Most girls went for the bikini but i knew that Ash always thought one peices were sexy so i had brought one just for this occasion. Sure enough, Ash started walking towards me.
"Hey Myla." He said looking at me.
"Well, me and Talia are going to get some drinks. Bye Ash." Fortune said getting up and heading towards the bar. I sat back on my lounge and looked up at Ash.
"So, whats up?" I asked.
"Nothing, just wanted to say hi. I was talking to your sister before, she's great."
"Ugh, please don't call her that. Ash, you don't know. She came in here and acted like she fucking ruled the house. Plus Barkley and Laila just love her. I mean, shes there actual child. She has an advantage." I said letting out all of the things that i had on my mind since Jojo had arrived. Ash was the only one that i would ever tell this to, and i was happy to get it of my chest.
"Myla, i'm sure it will all work out. Your parents love you and no one will change that. Hey, wanna go for a swim?" He asked me suddenly.
"Thanks, but i think i'll pass." I said not wanting to ruin my hair.
"Are you sure?" 
"Yeah, have fun." I said. Suddenly a devilish grin cam over his face. Before i knew it, i was being scooped up and thrown into the pool. I laughed as Ash jumped in behind me. I swam the edge and pulled myself up, sitting on the side. I looked up and caught Jojo watching me. Good, maybe now she knew that Ash was mine.
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