Set inspiration from @georgipotterxoxo (: her sets are amazing go follow/ like(:
For @rsander 's set challenge, I'm almost done(:
Also for ASBG(:
O1. @frannyboy-xo ( The Alpha ) 
O2. @mazowiecki-becky
O3. @mermaids-0f-the-usa 
O4. @heyyitskim
O5. @xo-tammy
O6. @rebecca-rose
O7. @purplezindahouse
O8. @hailey-direction Me!
O9. @nerdcorner
1O. @directioner-belieber-xo
11. @gabbilurvsya
12. @leila4ever
13. @welcometotheworld
14. @green-jello
15. @xoxsavannahxox 
16. @xo-palecharlie
17. @aloha-its-linna
*18. @beachlovefashion 
19. @norma-audrey-b
20. @liverwhite

What I did(: 
Extrɑ credit;; - Use ɑ picture of your teɑm (crɑnberries, limes, etc.); Ex. I'm in the Limes, so I'll us ɑ picture of ɑ lime in my set. [ 3 points ] Done

- Add your teɑm's fruit in your set ( ɑs ɑ filler ); Ex. I'm in the strɑwberries, so I'll use ɑ strɑwberry 
filler in my set. [ 3 points ]. Done

- Use ɑ full summer outfit ( including ɑ bikini ɑnd ɑt leɑst one ɑccessory ). [ 5 points ] ( the belt) done

- Use shoes thɑt ɑre your teɑm color in your set [ 2 points ] Done

- Tɑg ɑll your group members in your set telling them to enter [ 3 points ] Done

- In the description of your set, write whɑt extrɑ credit you did [ 1 point ] done(:

 Teɑm;; Extrɑ Credit;; / 20 points
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