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Addison Wang
The Socialites
Friday :: Head back to Malibu


Oy my aching head.
to many tea cup rides at Disneyland.
I woke up that Friday morning with a spinning headache, i felt groggy, and really tired, maybe a little to many churro bites from Ryan.
my phone rang as i got out of the shower, i picked it up while dressing.
"Hello?" i asked to the person on the other line.
"Hey Addi, it's Robert."
i gulped as i pulled up my jeans, "Hey Robert, what's going on?" i asked, now putting on my earrings.
"just wondering if you girls wanted a tour of LA today." he said.
"ohh... Robert, sorry, but we're heading home in an hour, we're gonna get some breakfast and leave on our flight. i'm sorry." i said, feeling guilty that i had to pick the 11 o' clock flight to Malibu.
"oh, it's okay, uhh, maybe i'll catch you in Malibu sometime then." he said with some sorrow in his voice.
"yeah, maybe." i said slowly.
"okay, well, bye Addi, have a nice flight home." he hung up while i rubbed my aching head.
"no Rob-" i sighed and got my suitcases together. i headed downstairs where our bags would be taken early to the airport. i reserved a seat for the Socialites at the Hotel Breakfast Buffet and sat down, with my legs open, at our table.
Ryan and Darcy came, then Athena, Violet and Elle. 
"Hey Addi, why the long face?" Elle asked while taking a seat next to me.
"Yeah, i thought we were gonna eat our weight in bacon today, unless you wanna FORFEIT." Ryan said enthusiastically. 
"Maybe she ate all the bacon before you and has a stomach ache right now." Athena suggested, smirking at Ryan who was starting to go crazy.
"no, my stomach doesn't hurt-"
"DAANG, you ate all that bacon and you don't have a stomach ache? you have a stomach of steel!" Violet said jokingly.
"no! i didn't finish, my stomach doesn't hurt, my head does." i said trying to perk up. "and no Ryan, i shall not forfeit, because YOU'RE GOING DOWNNN!!" i giggle.
"Bring it WANG, think you can HANDLE all the PRESSURE that'll come to your HEAD when i eat all the bacon?" Ryan said with hand motions.
"Yeah, but do you like to eat crumbs Choo?" i asked.
"Why?" Ryan said sorta protectively.
"Because that's all you're gonna get when i start up!" i said returning the hand motions.
"you're on." Ryan said nodding her head.
We rushed over to the food stand and grabbed to plate. Violet then walked over with her phone to time us. "ready.... set.... PIG OUT!" she said, laughing at the pig and bacon pun.
Ryan and I fell for the bacon, we started eating the bacon as fast as we possibly could until i felt a tap on the shoulder, i brushed it off and continued eating.
"uh Addi, you might wanna stop." Darcy told me.
"nuh-uh, it's one of Ry's tricks to get me to slow down." i said taking a bite of bacon.
"is not!" Ryan said as she shot up from her plate.
i turned around and saw Robert standing in front of me. "hi." came a muffled sound from my mouth full of bacon.
"you got something on your ch- yeah, right there." Robert said pointing to my chin, where i wiped some bacon off.
"I WIN!!!!!" Ryan said showing the clapping Socialites the clean plate.
"only because i let you!" i said sticking out my tongue. i turned back to Robert, "so, what are you doing here?" i asked fully wiping my mouth with a napkin.
"well i just wanted to say goodbye." Robert said as a round of "oohhh!! someone's in looovee!" went around the Socialites table.
"ignore them." i said widening my eyes to tell the Socialites to stop.
"Addison." Robert started.
"yes?" i said moving my head closer to him.
"Addison," he stumbled again.
"yes?" i said moving my head closer to him again.
"Addison, i'm gonna be frank with you, i've missed you, i've been crazy about you, and i'm in love with you." Robert confessed.
a round of "oh-no-he-di`nt's" went around the Socialites table. I put my hand on my head and sighed. "whoa." i said shaking my headache off. "um..." i started.
"yes?" Robert said moving his head closer to me.
"wow." i said shaking my head slightly.
"yes?"Robert said moving his head closer to me again.
"now i'm gonna be frank with you..." i leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips, i pulled back and smiled. "i've always missed you, i've always been crazy about you, and i've always been in love with you." i hugged him as a round of "awww's" went around the Socialites table. 
i looked at the Socialites and led Robert over to the table. i hugged him and giggled, "my headache is gone." i said as Elle threw a piece of bacon to me, which i caught and fed to Robert. "Will you come back with me?" i asked him.
"maybe next week." he said squeezing my hand.

the hour past until i had to go, the Socialites and i said our goodbyes to Robert and we headed to the airport. We landed in Malibu and went home, me without my headache, and Ryan with a full stomach ache.
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