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Anastasia 'Nastja' Lipchitz grew up with a typical life in Beverly Hills as an only child. She was the only daughter of Hollywood agent Nikolai Lipchitz. Nastja was a typical snobby Beverly Hills girl who got everything she wanted and had everyone practically bowing at her feet. After high school, Nastja stayed back home and did nothing with her nanny Mickey Thyme while her father was around the world helping motivational speaker and pop singer Peachy Creme become a world- wide phenomena speaking to end the Vietnam War and spreading world peace. Nastja spent her days hanging out with Beverly Hills socialites and seeing her father when he rarely visited. Everything changed the one dark August in 1969.

On August fourteenth, 1969, Nastja was sitting in an inner tube reading "Life" magazine and looking at pictures of the war in her indoor pool when her nanny Mickey came in with some shocking news. While on the way to Woodstock with Peachy, Nikolai was brutally murdered in restaurant bathroom. Mickey also came with some other news; Nikolai, along with herself and many other people in Nastja's life, was apart of a secret group known as the Pack Rat Society. The Pack Rats are a group run by seven elite people who have solved some of the biggest political scams in history since 1812. Some of their biggest accomplishments include Watergate, the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, Hitler's suicide, Area 51, and most recently assisting NASA in sending a man to the moon. The police have ruled Nikolai's death as him working with the Russian mob, but there is so much more than that story and Nastja is their next target. Six of the most everyday people in Nastja's now are the base support of her survival.

HER NANNY: Mickey Thyme is the widow of a former CIA agent, murdered by the Russian Mob in 1960 for knowing too much about the Russia's building of nuclear warfare. Mickey's looks got her the snitch in politics after joining PRS in 1961.

HER GARDENER: Simon Cantucci was a mafia child on the run until PRS scooped him up when he was seventeen. He is now the lead weapons associate and still looks to his Italian Mafia family for help.

HER BEST FRIEND: Kora Forrester was the only person Nastja thought was her true friend, now even that's a lie. Kora was heir to her father's spot in PRS after her older brother decided to go fight the war instead of continue the family tradition in PRS. Kora is one of the best agents for her age.

HER CHAUFFEUR: Ben 'the Chameleon' Marcus started as an FBI agent when he was eighteen. The beginning of the Cold War brought Ben to PRS sixteen years ago. The death of Nikolai has made him one of the head people at PRS. Most people refer to him as the Chameleon because he can go unnoticed on undercover missions. He thinks of himself as the Chameleon because, even at his extremely high rank in PRS, he's still invisible to Mickey.

HER TUTOR: Dallas Newman was discovered by PRS for being one of the national geniuses. He likes everyone in PRS, but he absolutely can't stand Nastja. Ever since day one, he's hated his mission of watching out for Nikolai. He sees the mission as pointless now watching over a snob like Nastja. If things were to go his way by now, he's be studying at Stanford and dating Kora, but things haven't gone his way since his sister went missing ten years ago.

HER FATHER'S LAST CLIENT: Sofia Daisy Peetch, also known as Peachy Creme, was one of nine children and ran away to Hollywood to start a music career. Nikolai noticed her singing at a peace rally when she was only fourteen years old twelve years ago and she instantly became Nikolai's partner in crime for PRS ever since.

Nastja must start her new life working with PRS in hope of finding out the truth of her father's death.
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