Hey girlies!

So I decided to do this tip today, because I am going with my church youth group on our winter retreat, the YETI (Yearly Escape To Insanity), and we leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

It is at Mt. Baker and there was 11 feet of snow last year! I am so excited!

So…I thought I would give you the basics for what to pack for winter retreats.

Let’s get started!


Make sure to bring warm clothes. 
You will probably be hanging out and not leaving the cabin unless you are playing in the snow.
So bring plenty of sweats. Here are some ideas…this is what I’m bringing:

Black sweatpants (that have my school logo on them)
^^ The matching sweatshirt in grey 
Red, white, and black letterman jacket (matches above items)

Lulu Lemon yoga pants
Hot pink Juicy Couture track jacket
Black Juicy Couture track jacket
PINK Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt

So that’s all I’m bringing for clothing. We will only be there for the weekend. We get back on SuperBowl!

And we can’t forget snow clothes, now can we?! 
So make sure to get/bring snow clothes that fit well and are perfect for bundling in the winter climates!


Oh goodness. The food where we are staying is NASTY. Well at least I think so. 

So my friends and I stock up on candy and snacks now!
Here is what we have so far:

Coconut Oreos
Regular Oreos
Vanilla Cupcake fishy cracker
Pretzel fishy crackers
Extra- Cheese fishy crackers
Regular fishy crackers 
HUGE bag of Mike and Ike’s

And that’s all right now.
I am famous for bringing tons of snacks so everyone always is like “Ummm Julia? Do you have snacks again?” on the bus (haha). 

And it is a 4 ½ hour bus ride….ugh. 

But ya. Make sure to bring food and drinks because your chances of having good food is really slim :)


Make sure to bring your must haves for makeup.
But don’t bring eye shadow eyeliner etc. 
It will only be a waste of space and chances are you really don’t need it.
Here are some things to bring:


1. Powder
2. Tinted moisturizer
3. Blush
4. Mascara
5. Lip blam/ lipstick/ lipgloss


1. Lotion
2. Face scrub/soap
3. Face towel


1. Lotion
2. Perfume /body spray
3. Shower towel
4. Any girly items (you know what I mean :)


1. Brush
2. Comb
3. Hairspray
4. Ponytails
5. Elastics
6. Headbands
7. Bobbi pins
8. Styling mousse
9. Wand curler/ curler
10. Straightener
11. Sock bun 

Yup! Those are the basic must-haves!


So we are NOT allowed to have electronics…bummer I know.

And a lot of camps have the same rule.

SO… bring fun things that you can do instead!


Your camera
Video recorder
Board games
Car games

And so we are not allowed to bring our phones to talk/text/play on, but we CAN bring them if we want to get ahold of our parents. We just have to keep them in our cabin or with our leaders.

And at summer camp, my friend saw me on my phone talking on the phone to my parents and he was all like “Julia, are you on your phone? Ohhhh someone’s in trouble! I’m gonna text you tonight so you get in trouble!” haha ya he’s a good friend LOL. Did he text me? Oh yes and the text said “hahahaha get in trouble ;) “ LOL. But… he didn’t know that I had gone home early (cause I don’t like staying the full week) and so I was already home when he texted me at midnight. So this girl didn’t get in trouble! What now? Haha


That all!
Those are the MUST take items!

Comment if any of you will be going to a winter camp of any kind!

Oh and I won’t be active for a few days because I will be gone till Sunday :)

If I don’t end up making another tip later tonight, have great weekends! And I will see you when I get back!

Julia <3

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