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Pagan witches

There are several groups for Muslims and Christians, but only one for Pagans! Sure, 2/3 of the world population are either Muslims or Christians, but there should be enough Pagans for more groups. All Pagans are not Wiccans or followers of Eastern religions and philosophies. All witches are not Wiccans or Pagans or followers of Earth religions and philosophies. Also, my lifestyle is not some fictional fantasy, but most of the groups about magic, witches, paranormal and such are for fans of Harry Potter, Buffy and Twilight. Finally, I like the Gothic style, but I'm not much into black. Sure, I like it, but just because I'm witch doesn't mean that I must be "dark". I'm all for virtues and modesty, but I also have nothing against occasional nudity, celebrating things skyclad, nor have I anything against sexy outfits, showing cleavage and legs, using corsets and thigh-high laced boots. Please, add sets connected to your magical Pagan life, with the philosophy "THIS is what a witch wears!" "THIS is how a witch lives!" "THIS is how a witch celebrates her/his holidays!". If you MUST add your popular fiction inspired sets, go ahead - after all "THIS is what a witch reads/watches!" - but please, put a lid on it. This is not a fan group, this is a lifestyle group. :-)
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