Our hair is the first thing people usually notice about us! So keeping your hair healthy, clean, and beautiful is key! (:

When you take a shower, you'll want to shampoo every other day and conditioner everyday. Conditioner closes hair cuticles, which creates shine and keeps hair healthy! Shampoo breaks down dirt and oil, making it easier to wash it out. You should try to find a shampoo and conditioner combo that is specifically for you hair type and texture.

When washing your hair, use your fingertips to massage the shampoo into you scalp. Which helps get the dead skin off your scalp. Then rinse your hair, making sure you've gotten all of the shampoo out. Leaving shampoo in your hair can cause it to be greasy.

Never towel dry your hair, it causes excess frizz. Instead, dab your hair with a towel and squeeze the water out. When you're done, you can either blow dry or air dry your hair. I prefer air drying, because blow drying can make hair frizzy. But, if you're in a hurry and have to blow dry your hair, use a diffuser and heat protectant. A diffuser is a tool that attaches to the end of the blow dryer that evenly distributes heat over the hair, so it won't be frizzy! And avoid blow drying your hair till it's bone-dry, dry it until it's damp. This will help retain moisture.

Brushing your hair makes it look neater and silkier. You should brush your hair every morning and before bed. Also, brush your hair before showers to prevent tangles and split ends. And you don't have to brush your hair a hundred times, if it does anything, it's make your hair frizzy.

If you style your hair on a regular basis, styling includes curling, straightening, low drying, and crimping, you'll want to use a heat protectant. A heat protectant creates a barrier to protect from heat and prevent breakage. You don't have to use a heat protectant, but your hair will get damaged faster. And the more your hair is damaged the more it will need to be cut.

Now, I thought I'd add this since it's winter.

Winter Hair Tips:
- Wear a scarf of hat to protect from the cold weather. Make sure it isn't too tight, or it'll cut off circulation in your scalp.
- Don't go outside with wet hair, because you risk getting breakage.
- Avoid heating hair as much as possible. Icy weather and central heating aren't a good combo. It robs your hair of moisture and creates static.
- Fight off annoying static by using a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type
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