If Pain is Beauty, then aren't I the fairest one of them all?

♔ Name – Josephine Arabelle de Foulta
♔ Age – 14 1/2
♔ Appearance – A mirror of elegance and a frame of beauty. If a rose was called by any other name, would it smell as sweet? Perhaps sweeter if it's name was Josephine. A bundle of gorgeous rolled into a 5'6 frame. Smooth, silky, blemish-free skin adding a layer over. Her legs are long and smooth, stretching on for miles. Perfect oval nails adornashing her dainty , moisturized hands. Lovely vanilla blond hair cascades down her back in ripples in waves, bypassing her smooth b cups and curling down her back. Ice blue orbs stare cool and long in the distance. Framing those lovely pairs are diamond encrust, crystal infused, jet black, longer than falsies eyelashes that lightly brush her light peach cheeks. A perfect ski slope nose slides down her face and lead to her oh so kissable, plump, bow tie, light pink, baby soft lips. A true goddess in a humans body, ringed in an aura of raw beauty and hearty class.
♔ Clique Choice #1 – Elites
♔ Clique Choice #2 – Mean Girls

♔ Biography – It was a cold, windy day in Florence, Italy. At 17, a new mother was teary eyed looking down at her beautiful daughter, knowing she wouldn't be able to keep her. Gently, she passed the small infant over to the nurse, who than took the girl away, changing the little girl's life forever.
Fast foward 14 years. Once picked up at the adoption center by a wealthy French family, the little girl was given the name of Josephine, meaning "leader." Josette, as they called her, grew up surrounded by the unknown. Being merely 11 when she found out she was adopted, Josephine was someone you called troubled. She never really knew where she belonged and it fustrated her to no end. She was a gorgeous girl, had boys flocking to her feet. Though, beauty can only go skin deep. Josette took on her nickname and became more of a leader, dictator style. She was a cruel child, decieving and manipulative. Though underneath it all, is a girl just looking for who she is.
♔ Personality: From hearing the biography, you may think that Josette is a weakling. Sadly, you are wrong. She is a vicious girl, strong and willing. She'll do just about anything to get to the top, to claim the throne. Josephine can be nice, though it is rare. Through her cruelness, she does it all with poise and grace. A challenge for most, a given for her.
♔ Likes & Dislikes –
Likes: Leather pants, Starbucks, tic tacs, orbit, bumble & bumble, L'Oreal Paris, YSL, Gossip Girl, Paris week, Broadway, accents, handbags, cool nail designs, photography, Chanel 5, volleyball, beauty sleep, spa days, sex, the occasional joint, loud music, black and white pictures
Dislikes; wannabes, boring music, cold days, sand in your bikini, restrictions, literature, ugly guys who pretend to be hot, boring styles, too much pastels, overly nice people

♔ Family –
Briella Destiny de Foulta // Adopted sister
Joshua Vincent de Foulta // Adopted brother
Hugh Brayden de Foulta // Adoptive Dad
Diana Krystal de Foulta // Adoptive Mom
♔ Secret – Josephine takes drugs when she's stressed, though she has to get them from somewhere. Recently she got herself mixed up with a group of ex convicts, who usually demand her to do some special deeds or visit a 'sad friend of theirs' for payment after her father cut off her debit. She got it back, but being bad it too much fun.
♔ Future Aspirations – She hopes to be a magazine photographer
♔ Additional Information – Lol, this makes her look like some trashy slob, but she's not entirely like this. I just didn't want to leave out all the bad things.
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