these pieces scream oils, linseed oil, palette knife, brushes, tension running from the brain to the arm to the brush onto the canvas, creating the feeling inside the creator. The layers, love, emotion, in which the colors, treatment, and passion comes through with the real thing
  • Untitled #542
    "1 can see the paint against a photo collaged person whom has been splashed in neon mint. the set has a secret passage way in and blocks you in yellow so you cannot leave, a great composition. With abstract backing making you wonder what is going on?" — leotajane
  • Girl At The Beach
    "The viscosity of paint, sploches here and there, a molding plaster scrapped on with a palette knife, the dripping paint, all the little fine detail. I love the contrast of cobalt blue to creamy whites to yellow. all full of depth. Remarkable work" — leotajane
  • Cityscape
    "this abstract cityscape in pinks, violets, fuchsias and black in contrast is a most provoking piece, the details and hidden figure so faintly yet brightly right in front of you is brilliant. It is a wonderful piece" — leotajane
  • Rough Night in November
    "great work of colors & space. Color & line, the modern impressionism, is incredible. The black trees 1 in front draw your attention to the front of the long yard & the barns & building in back make this a great foreshortening work!!!!" — leotajane
  • Başlıksız #1288
    "a dark blackish green peppered with pale yellows & white, lines of creases in the painting, meshing together with a salmon to create the gardens base make for a alluring and very original part of nature. Just gorgeous!!!!" — leotajane
  • the snake
    "The simplicity of the base of this piece makes the pale blue striped block with black so important, the red balances the piece with the white circle on the left having interesting marks , it makes you think" — leotajane
  • Camargue
    "A house is just a building but a home is a place of safety, family, memories, personal belongings. This home with it's straight lines, gardens to surround it have a stamp of life surrounding it. All the colors relate a happy life here" — leotajane
  • ö
    ö by boix
    "This "set" have all the workings of linseed oil, canvas, burnt sienna, cad red, seeping into the linen, the shapes, the movement of the shapes is incredible, it's a painted organism of amazement. I am beholden to it. I love this piece" — leotajane
  • ...
    "Gray triggers industrial emotions (if theres such a thing) ideas & the organic leaf with other organic materials makes 4 a juxtaposition between 2 powerful forces. Thats y we react 2 a piece such as this. Contradiction of what is nature held inorgancially" — leotajane
  • Lost color
    "a piece like this is overwhelming to the soul, you cry for the subject matter you idolize the technique the textures, the images, the color. It is a beautiful piece of sorrow" — leotajane
  • Bloomin' This 'n That
    "the paint chips are right in front of you, the old peeled layers, the memory of a brush, palette knife or stick cross all over this piece. It is perfectly balanced in decay & beauty" — leotajane
  • San Andreas
    "the nature of the piece is so pure & refined with a daunting message yet the borders hold the piece so solidly." — leotajane
  • Playtime
    "one of the most beautiful collage I have seen,the colors all collide into each other, the circles all represented in color everywhere, it's a cross between Andy Warhol & Hans Hoffman throw in a little Laura Ashley for pretty" — leotajane
  • Cœur de Lion
    "Heart of a Lion feels like a mediation of courage. The colors on opposite lines of emotion. The conflict from within the piece bring great juxtaposition to the piece. It's a painting in every sense, touch, look, feel, with roughness & unequal patterns" — leotajane
  • no name
    "Everything about this piece screams oil painting, the texture, the slabs of paint, the intensity of colors, as the lines draw you down and across. Powerful piece of art. leotajane" — leotajane
  • Kaleidoscope
    "this piece has the slabs of paint, the viscosity of paint thinner it's an amazing phenomena. Jackson Pollack happy not drunk loving his life. Amazed & dazzled by this piece" — leotajane
  • bull + fish enjoy the sunset
    "De Kooning with color, the movement, the bustling about, with the media this feels and can almost smell the oils, linseed oil what a piece" — leotajane
  • Nice time...
    "Images in their place, lines from stems, wheels, textures, the big bang colored like a tea party, gold orbs, yellow laces of red blots, even smaller objects stars, hide in the mass of performing chaos, done on a tightrope of sublimity" — leotajane
  • 13 112. Untitled #6845
    "Reality of paint, like a growing mass can give illusion to anyone from where they stand, on the computer there are more variables. Here a globular acid bath of lava, electricity, blood vessels, conduits of organic material convince the brain this is 2D." — leotajane
  • Untitled #69
    "this painting a true "lend a hand" story. 3 lost souls, await a gift in writing, boat, help, objects are migrating with inconsistent brush stokes of color, making their existence depended upon ? under water varied in color hues, questions everywhere" — leotajane
  • Lavender Flower
    "Purple focal point, surrounded by splatters of immersing globs of color, textures stabilize & continue the journey through this nebula of lovely layers of engrossing hues, letting you rest then jump into osteology, warp & woof. A painter's painting, heavy" — leotajane
  • Untitled #261
    "a calm comes under siege in slabs & splashes of dark intense life hitting red, black, dark brown, as if it's ripped through the canvas to invade, destroy. It's just the beginning. Abstract chassis, confronting, timorous, push pull" — leotajane
  • Knocking Down Barriers
    "Intensity in brush, lines scribbling across, heavy, pressure, difference in texture, insight emotions, feeling, colors change, brainwaves running mad across canvas, old crackled, baby old crackled, endings? frustration, piqued, mordant, energy all over" — leotajane
  • Art-Pad lV
    "Paint like real Painter's layers, emotions, intensity, composition, pure integrity between creator and creation." — leotajane


Wrote one year ago
Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!It's a superb collection!

Wrote one year ago
Oh, thank you @leotajane ... I've just read all descriptions in this collection and I feel you are a curator or something like that, you can analyze properly each set... rare and scarce virtue!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you to add my set and thanks to wonderful description of my work! Amazing collection!!

Wrote one year ago
Stunning collection!! Thank you for adding my set and wonderful words:)) ありがとうございます♡

Wrote one year ago
thank you so much ... i'd love to echo what allegory honor me with your thoughtful impressions and this sure brightened my day! ;D

Wrote one year ago
@velvetviolet thank you I love all caps!

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Wrote two years ago
I'm truly honored to have my set added to such a wonderful collection. Thank you @leotajane, you are a delight and so incredibly talented and insightful.

Wrote two years ago
How amazing are you? Super amazing!! Thank you so much Supergeniusconnoisseur of art, quite the honor. ❤

Wrote two years ago
Amazing collection!!
Thank you for adding my set!!
Big hugs!!

Wrote two years ago
wonderful painterly collection & descriptions

Wrote two years ago
Thank you dear @leotajane for a wonderful description of my work! xxx


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