January 19th
Photography field trip. – students who take photographic arts (i.e. all of you) are allowed to take the afternoon off to whirl round London unaccompanied taking pictures for your projects, ‘Light and Darkness.’ What this really means is a free afternoon to shop, laze in the park, visit galleries or sample sales, take tea at Claridges, sneak off with a guy… it’s up to you! So grab a Nikon, your purse and a tube map (for the more adventurous of you) and kick back in the city for a couple of hours.


I glanced at the black-framed mirror that had been placed vertically, leaning against the crimson wall in my side of the room I shared with Coco. It was about as much as I knew about my roommate. She was either a no-show or late or never around when I was, but in the three days I had been back at SGB, I hadn't even met her. 

"Oh well," I sighed, picking up my dearest friend, the D60 I hardly went anywhere without. I threw on a cross-body bag, as to not be disturbed by it and shoved my ciggarettes and wallet in it and hung the camera by my neck, holding on to it carefully and knowingly, like lovers know each other's bodies, but don't get tired of exploring them. 

I saw a group of freshmen heading out together for their photography field trip. The idea sparked up with unlikely speed, given the amount of brain cells marijuana and others have burned through the years. 

Snap! a girl putting each of her arms around two of her girlfriends. 

Snap! the sorrowful look of a loner. 

Snap! an impetuous kiss. 

Snap! the awkward way young kids smoke. 

I followed them around for a couple of hours, not even bothering to think they would be bothered by it. They would have been flattered, if anything, but they didn't even acknowledge me, probably thinking I started out with them to begin with. 

I was surprised at how adult-like they were. It seemed as though they simply were working out the last kinks before being complete adults. A little awkwardness here, a childish giggle there, they were not far away from average rich young adults. 

Life is funny.
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