Pale and Gorgeous

I guess you realized that i like pale skin. In fact I'm obssesed with paleness! I would give everything to be as pale as the people in my collection...Well I'm paler than the average greek but this is mostly because i have problems with my blood pressure (that sucks!) I know this sounds kinda weird but I think that pale skin makes you look really pretty. Pale girls look so delicate and snow white! :) Well this is also prety ironic because i live in Greece and I'm exposed to the sun almost all year long!
This is a reason that I hate summer. I really love the sun and I enjoy sunbathing I just hate the results of it : S I'm like the only person who doesn't like getting tanned! Anyway I don't think that anybody would trully understand me so...just enjoy! :)


Wrote two years ago
I'm Swedish and my skin is like WHITE. It sucks. >_< I have honey blonde hair but in the summer it turns like reddish.. It's weird

Wrote three years ago
@original-rebecca You're a pale redhead!? Oh, you must be like a princess! I 'd die to be like you. I 'm a paleish brunnete but my ''so called'' paleness is due to some problems with my blood. (that sucks!)
what those kids do to you is awfull! people don't know what real beauty means! they don't know how to apreciate beutiful things.
If I were you I would never try fake tan! I guess it would be way more awful than natural tan. Be grateful and proud of what you have and be confident so that the others won't tease you!

Wrote three years ago
I have pale skin (since I'm a redhead) and I always get bullied in school since practically everyone I know is either orange or super tanned. They always tell me to try fake tan, but I'm scared I'll end up looking like a giant cheesy puff XD

Wrote three years ago
Haha, I would like to be that pale too!However when summer arrives, I don't get a nice tan, I end up being a tomato!

Wrote three years ago
being pale seems so lovely! ♥ I wish I was.
These pictures are so stunning! Love this collection! saved more than half the pictures!!! ♥♥♥

Wrote three years ago
@orlaarose i 'm so jealous of you! you're british and you're pale...
@forever-love-and-random13 thank you so much! i'm glad we have the same beliefs :)

Wrote three years ago
So beautiful! Absolutely lovely collection!

Wrote three years ago
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks that pale is beautiful! I am English/Irish and hardly ever tan so I don't have much choice in the matter but it doesn't bother me hahaha :') lovely collection x

Wrote three years ago
@veannhall yeah, exactly! and thank you :)

Wrote three years ago
same with meee~
i live in southern california and it's not much help in being pale. ;p
i'm pretty pale to begin with, but i tan really easily.
and when people ask be why i'm so pale, i'm like "because i want to be pale" and they're like O_O
glad to see someone agrees :))
awesome collection xoxo c:

Wrote three years ago
@tasmin-in-wonderland thank you. I finally found someone who understands me! at least you are pale and you don't have to worry about being gorgeous...

Wrote three years ago
I also included in my collection some of my favourite pale celebrities: Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts and of course my love James Mcavoy <3 And there will be more celebs -and generally pics- soon ; )

Wrote three years ago
Oh my gosh, I agree with you on this one!!! I think pale skin is gorgeous!!! I love this collection, so lovely!!! xx


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