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Available - no; taken by Dorian
Birthday - August 4 1994
Crush - none (Celebrity crush: Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Drink you had last - bubbly champagne
Easiest person to talk to - my grandfather's grave
Favorite song - We might as well be strangers/Keane
Gummy bears or Gummy worms - Gummy bears
Hometown - Luxembourg city, Paris, Vienna, London
In love with anyone - very much so
Just asking are you gay, bi, lesbian, etc. -I love people for what lies within their hearts not for what lies between their legs. 
Killed someone - no
Longest car ride - 198 hours (from the northern most tip of Alaska to southern most tip of Chile)
Milkshake flavor - Oreo cookies and cream
Number of siblings -11
One wish - the past
Person you called last - an old friend I hadn't spoken to in years
Reason you smile - my thoughts and imaginings 
Song you last sang - For everything a reason/ Carina Round
Time you woke up - 4:00am (had a nightmare)
Underwear color -beige
Veggie - idk...
Worset habit - wanting things to happen that are impossible
X-rays youve had - none
Years living where you lived - Luxembourg City(0-4) Paris (4-8) Vienna (8-12) London (12-16) Luxembourg City (16-17)
Zodiac -Leo


favorite animal - lambs and lions
spell your name with no vowels - drlng
what color do you wear most - white/beige/ pastel
least favorite colors - ugly colours...
what are you listening to - copper down by the boy who trapped down the sun
whats your favorite class in school - I hate school too much to say. I love learning about everything outside of school. I'd love to learn everything about everything. My favorite class in school is history and painting I guess. 
when do you start school - 6:00
are you outgoing - yes, I do go outside...
favorite pair of shoes - cream ballet flats
can you dance - ballet, waltz, and very awkward Ian Curtis-esque style dancing
can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth - yes
can you whistle - yes
cross your eyes- yes
walk with your toes curled - why? but, yeah...
do you believe there is life on other planets - of course
do you believe in miracles - of course
do you believe in magic - of course
love at first sight - of course
do you beleive in Santa - how could I not
do you like roller coasters - YES!!
have you ever been on a plane - monthly
have you ever asked someone out - yes
have you ever been to the ocean -Yes 
have you ever drowned in the ocean- as a child I almost died from drowning, but my good old friend saved me
what is the temperature outside - 14c/57f
what radio station do you listen to - random ones
what was the last thing you bought - apple laptop
what was the last thing on TV you watched- Doctor Who
who was the last person you took a picture of- my brother
ever cried your heart out - yes
ever cried on your friends shoulder - I wanted to so many times, but then I would have had to explain what's wrong and sometimes I'm too tired to say and sometimes I simply don't know. 
ever cried yourself to sleep - yes, far too often...
ever cried over the opposite sex - perhaps
do songs make you cry - yes, again too often...
are you a happy person - I try to be and sometimes it comes easily
what is your current hair color - colored it red like Karen Gillan this morning
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