Stardust Sanctuary Selections 7
The Luxurious Vintage Dolls
Model: Karlie Kloss
Bambie eyed the flat screen TV, the gorgeous furniture, and the expensive stereo system. Josh and Jason trailed behind her and entered into her living room. 
"Hey... wait a second." Josh stood still, his eyes fixed on a family portrait that hung over the sofa. Horrified, Bambie ran in front of it, trying to stop the problem. But the damage was done. "Oh, so you're a little rich girl, huh?" Sneered Josh. "You thought you could hide it but you're just like the rest of them." Bambie felt tears prickling in her eyes, and tried to think of something to say. "Look, it doesn't matter, okay?" She said nervously. Josh laughed. He had doubted her from the beginning. "You're just a stupid little girl, why don't you cry to your rich parents?" He bellowed. "Dude, shut up. Leave her alone." Jason spoke up for the first time. He then came forward and punched Josh with one swift motion. Josh looked up, surprised. "What the hell?" Jason opened the door and glared straight at Josh. "Get out. Now." He shoved Josh out the door. Finally the door slammed and Jason and Bambie were alone in the silence of her living room. "Thank you, God that was awful..." Bambie started. "Look, forget it. You lied. I can't trust you." Said Jason. And without another word, he went out the door and left Bambie speechless. She was officially out and she knew it. #karliekloss #Summer #tropical #lace #dressy #Blue #beachwear #ocean
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