r a d i o a c t i v e || rita ora ♡

really like that song, it's amazing(: 
anyways, i just woke up & it's now
1O:OO am in kinda sunny england.
today, i'm revising for physics and
biology. then i'm going to make some
valentine's themed cupcakes for my
friends, as we're all forever amazing
this year(; ♡

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

this is for @polyvoreacademy round one || first day at the academy. 

O U T F i T ; 
i've chosen a simple purple blouse to match my dorm, C, and our colour purple. i've paired that with a pair of leather leggings & a leather jacket. I also added a pair of steve madden wedges and a gold necklace. i also made sure to include lots of flowers in the set, as that's our symbol(:

S H O R T || S T O R Y ;

the sound of a marina & the diamonds track starts to sounds from my sleek white iphone five. i felt like death. but then, mornings weren't always my strong point. the track in question was ' lies ', a personal favourite. i sat up from the plush white pillows and stepped out of bed, leaving the song playing softly as i stepped into the bright white bathroom.

after taking a quick shower, i got dressed in my favoured purple blouse and leather leggings, then did my makeup. i then picked up my bag for the day which was an alexander mcqueen skull clutch, it wasn't practical, but then again, i wasn't a very practical person. i turned off the song, and placed the phone in my bag, along with some eyeliner, headphones, and some information i may need for later. 

i went downstairs to an empty kitchen. it was obvious my parents had forgotten, or simply just didn't care, but i was fine with it. i wasn't even nervous, i told myself as i picked up a pink vitamin water from the fridge. i picked up the keys to my red vintage porsche, my luggage had already been loaded the night before and set off, the roof down & a rita ora track blasting from the bose stereo.

the academy in question was beautiful, but grounds and buildings never interested me. i parked the car, then slipped on an oversized pair of sunglasses. stepping out, i got my luggage, and locked the car. 

dorm c, seemed a while away, but i started to make my way towards it. once there, i went inside and put my luggage down by an empty bed. before i knew it, i had lied down on the bed, exhausted by the journey. 

- that was such a rubbish roleplay it's unreal.
- i'm better at talking about things in the third person. meeeh :L

come on dorm c, like everyone enter, as i want us to win. 


have a good day!(:
- sorcha.xo.
- chanel-and-c0uture.tumblr.com
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