Pam Grier Halloween Costume
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  • Miss Selfridge Glitter Mask
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    Silver glitter plastic mask with black ribbon tie, drop length 12cm. Plastic. Wipe clean only.
  • Funky Dancin' Fox Adult Costume
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    Your ballroom days are over, baby. It's time to get back to the days (and nights) of Saturday Night Fever. Picture yourself among friends, dancing the night away in this Funky Dancin' Fox Adult Costume. The disco era may be over; but you can bring it back with this ensemble. You're sure to be the talk of the party if you show up rocking this sexy number on any dance floor in the country! Better start practicing the Hustle and Discofox. Get the Dynomite Dude costume for your favorite guy and be the hottest disco couple ever. The multi-color swirl combined with the metallic texture of this halter jumpsuit with open back creates a blinding disco inferno that will leave everybody else aghast. The bell bottoms and halter jumpsuit provide the perfect accompaniment for the disco balls and endless seventies classic tunes. Just make sure your dancing partner is just as dynamic as you are! And remember: it's crucial that your hair is bigger and wilder than ever before. Includes: halter jumpsuit. Gold glitter earrings and disco bracelets sold separately.
  • Womens Plus Size Authentic 70's Chic Costume
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    Who says you can't go back? The 1970s were a lively yet laid back decade. Everything seemed simpler and more vibrant. Have you found yourself wishing you could go back in time? Now you can! All you have to do is pull on this fantastic Womens Plus Size Authentic 70's Chic Costume, and you will appear to have stepped through a time portal. Includes: Jumpsuit with attached belt. Does not include: Wig or shoes. Material: Polyester, exclusive of decorations. Washing: Dyes may not be colorfast. Let the good times roll It's impossible to be a wallflower while you're wearing this 70's Chic Costume! The second you pull on this lovely patterned jumpsuit, you'll feel all of your troubles and inhibitions melt away. The only thing you'll want to do is have a good time; it won't be hard to find in this costume. While wearing this vibrant jumpsuit, you'll find that you laugh longer and louder, talk to more people than ever before and love to dance the night away. The 70's Chic Costume, designed to be worn all night long, is very comfortable. You'll find yourself wishing your daily clothes are as pleasant to wear. Now you just need to match it with a comfortable pair of shoes. Let the dancing begin! This costume is a flattering choice for all types of figures. Wear this jumpsuit to Halloween parties, disco night at the local club, office parties or vintage movie nights, and get ready to chill out in style.
  • Womens Disco Doll Costume
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    Prove that you're hot stuff by grooving out in this disco costume Recapture the spirit and soul of the 1970s with this Womens Disco Doll Costume. Whether you're doing the Bump, the Hustle, or shaking your groove thang, you'll be doing it in style with a jumpsuit that would look right at home at Studio 54 in 1978. When it comes to putting together the perfect Halloween costume, don't stop til you get enough! Put on your Disco Doll Costume and shake, shake shake your booty! Includes: The Womens Disco Doll Costume includes a black stretch knit jumpsuit with a disco dot holographic metallic design, and a pink stretch sequin belt. Does not include: earrings or shoes. Materials: 100% polyester. There will be plenty of good times with this groovy jumpsuit Disco will never die as long as foxy ladies continue to honor the spirit of the 70s with fresh duds like this costume. Capture the attention of every disco stud on the dance floor with this eye-catching black stretch knit jumpsuit which features colorful metallic dots and a shiny pink sequin belt. The bell bottom cut gives this outfit its distinct 1970s flash, and also ensures that you won't be tripping over yourself while doing the bus stop dance. Relive the funkiest decade ever in a costume that is sure to be a hit at Halloween parties or at the dance club during Ladies Night. You've seen photos of your parents in their ridiculous 1970s fashion, now it's your turn! Sport the same look that disco divas Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer and Anita Ward used to turn heads back in their heyday with the Women's Disco Doll Costume!
  • 70's White Disco Pants For Women
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    Are your ready for a groovy time? The 70's White Disco Pants for Women are the definition of far-out. As soon as you walk into the club, all eyes will turn to you and your flashy pants. If any dudes come up asking to buy you a drink, just laugh and say, "Dream on!" After all, you're the real deal, and you don't need to give in too easy. Now, this club is cool city, and it's time to boogie; get to it. Includes : The 70's White Disco Pants For Women includes a pair of white, high-waisted, flared disco pants. Does not include: Wig, jewelry, shirt, belt or shoes. Material: 100% polyester. Care instructions: Machine wash. Just keep on truckin' As soon as you slip into these pants, you'll feel energized and ready to rock. Even after the party is dying down, you'll still be good for more awesome times. Hop in your friend's muscle car, and cruise to the local diner for some burgers and shakes. Everyone will be so stoked to see your there. After having a radical time there, head to that house party down the road. Word is a slammin' band is playing, and they want you to sing a tune or two. Bring the disco everywhere You may feel like these disco pants can only be worn as part of a Halloween costume or on themed nights at the bar, but you'll feel so cozy and stylish that you'll want to wear them everywhere. That's perfectly fine, because when you're getting down in the supermarket or library, everyone will feel the vibe and start moving, too. You're going to make the world a more fun place.
  • 11/50 Coffy
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  • Hippie Hottie Sexy Adult Costume
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    Rock Woodstock in this Hippie Hottie Sexy Adult's Costume. Take it back to the 70s this Halloween, and have every man craving your free love. It'll be all peace and happiness when you have on the floral print mini-dress, small fringe vest, and tan headband to match, which all come with this ensemble.
  • Authentic 70's Chic Costume For Women
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    Stayin' Alive! In the Authentic 70's Chic Costume For Women, you'll be ready to show off your best moves under the disco ball at Studio 54. This cute retro outfit is perfect for ladies who love to boogie all night long. In this disco diva outfit, you'll look so groovy and stylish that at the end of the night all the guys will cry out, "Don't leave me this way, hot stuff!" Includes: Jumpsuit with attached belt. Does not include: Wig or shoes. Material: Made from polyester, exclusive of decorations. Won't you take me to Funkytown? Get ready to light up the dance floor at your favorite discotheque or Halloween party in a totally authentic 70's costume. No matter what music the DJ plays, you can bet that you will survive to the end of any dance competition in this groovy outfit. You'll be ready to show off your unique style, and you'll be comfortable while doing it. You know that you should be dancing in an awesome jumpsuit like this. It's the perfect ensemble to shake, shake, shake, shake your booty, and make sure that you don't stop 'til you get enough. Dial up your disco diva! Enhance your 70's look with a perfect perm. We've got plenty of curly wigs in case you don't have time to redo your hair before heading to the party. Add classic 70's accessories like gold hoop earrings, initial necklaces, or shiny medallions. Get that head to toe effect by adding some platform shoes from our wide range of custom footwear.
  • Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume
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    We guarantee you this groovy costume dress will blow your mind! From time to time, everybody needs to go back to those swinging '60s and disco '70s, This Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume is the perfect way to do it. With this crazy and colorful costume, you can be a child of the revolution, even if it is 50 years too late. Turning up to a party or event in this get-up will leave a vibrant and sexy mark wherever you step foot. The Wild Swirl Adult Costume looks good on just about everybody. The mini-dress and bell sleeves give off the complete classic vintage look, the v-neck style reveals just enough cleavage, and the hallucinogenic whirl design imprinted over the entire dress epitomizes all that was great about an era we can all remember -- or at least have read about. All of this comes together with a fantastically stylish turquoise trim. Top off with a funky wig and some groovy jewelry and you're ready to dance! Includes: dress and headband. White go-go boots sold separately.
  • Womens 70's Beauty Costume
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    How deep is your love, baby? Bring some boho glamour to the party in our Womens 70's Beauty Costume. In this adorable mini dress, you'll be begging the DJ to play that funky music so you can keep dancing all night long. This look is perfect for vintage fashion lovers who want to rock a super '70s print for their next costume party. Includes: Dress and headband. Does not include: Shoes. Material: Made from 100% polyester. You're so vain! The Womens 70's Beauty Costume combines Valley of the Dolls glamour with that easy breezy hippie style. Sometimes achieving beauty is practically effortless. And when you look this good, it's ok if you think that every song is about you. Girl, you should walk into that party like you are walking onto a yacht, with the confidence and swagger of a celebrity. Gotta keep on dancin' This groovy getup is the perfect Halloween party outfit if you're looking to bust some great moves on the dance floor. This mini-dress will let you show off your fashion sense while highlighting your long legs. You can be sure that every guy at the party will want to give you the best of his love. But a real man will just want to be your everything. If you're not on the prowl at the party, get down with your gal pals to classic '70s girl power songs like 'I Will Survive'. No matter how you spend your evening, everyone will agree that you've got it.
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    • Pam Grier Halloween Costume
    • Coffy & The Mack
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  • Women's Disco Honey Sexy Costume
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    Get ready to show off your best disco dance moves this Halloween when you wear the Women's Sexy Disco Honey Costume. This costume includes a one-shoulder mini dress with one long sleeve that is covered with shiny silver paillettes. It is based on the funky styles of the 70s, when disco was popular. Disco is a genre of dance music that blended funk, soul and Latin music and was popular at dance clubs. You can complete the retro look with accessories like the Stiletto Heel Clear Mule with Platform, Feathered and Flirty Wig Brunette, 1970's Disco Ball Bracelet and hosiery, sold separately on our website. Go to your next costume party alone or with friends dressed in any of our other 70s themed costumes, easily found elsewhere on our website. You'll want to bump and hustle the night away in this flashy outfit.
  • Yellow Pants
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  • That 70s Girl Go Go Dress Adult Costume
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    If you've got boogey down fever and want to dance disco style, then this is the costume for you. The That 70's Girl Costume features this bright and glowing outfit includes a multi-colored scoop-neck dress and also features a matching head band, large hoop earrings, and a belt.
  • The Simpsons: For Adults Deluxe Patty Costume
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    She's cynical, she's abrasive and she doesn't like Homer! Patricia Bouvier, aka Patty, is one of Marge Simpson's twin sisters and she has an opinion, usually negative, about almost everything, most especially Homer. You can capture the cynicism in all its glory when you put on this The Simpsons: For Adults Deluxe Patty Costume for your Halloween event or Simpsons reenactment. It doesn't matter if she's coming over to Marge's house or working at the DMV, Patty is rarely an optimist. Through it all, however, she stays true to herself - go Patty! Includes: A dress, wig, necklace and leggings. Does not include: Shoes. Material: 100% polyester. This is an officially licensed Simpsons costume. No pity Patty While her sister Selma once in a great while takes it easy on Homer, Patty is relentless and ruthless in her criticism, with only one or two exceptions ever. There's no part of her sister's husband she can tolerate, and she's never afraid to voice her feelings. When you play Patty, be prepared to be the thorn in the side of any Homers at your Halloween party. In the immortal words of Homer - Doh! That wacky blue hair All of the Bouvier sisters have some interesting hairstyles, and interestingly enough, they all share the color blue. Marge sports hers in a high bun, Selma's hairdo resembles the letter M, while Patty's is an afro worthy of any 70s sitcom. There's no mistaking them anywhere in Springfield. The blue afro wig that comes with the costume captures the Patty look in all its glamour. Who doesn't love big blue hair?
  • Saturday Night Fever Womens Red Dress Costume
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    Saturday Night Fever was a movie that defined the disco era in the 1970s. The Saturday Night Fever Red Dress is a replica of the gown worn by the character Stephanie. It is a knee-length strapless dress. Shoes not included. You should be dancing, so pick up this classic dress.
  • "Disco-licious" Adult Plus Costume
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    Burn baby burn! Disco Inferno! Light up the floor with your outta sight moves and boogie the night away! Party like it's 1978 with this Disco-licious Adult Plus Costume and show them how you jive! You'll be sure to turn heads as you bust out some retro moves on the dance floor. Add your own funky platforms and an iconic, disco-style wig to complete your far-out ensemble! Can you dig it? Show them your groovy side with these dance fever threads! The bright colors and funky pattern will make you feel like you've just stepped back in time to one of the hottest decades of yester-year! This crazy costume features a psychedelic top with bell sleeves to help you really stand out at the disco! The matching pants with a funky flare feature a split in the leg that rises to the knee for extra dance-ability! The awesome neck scarf completes your groovy look and makes you feel like a foxy mama straight out of the '70s! Includes: Top, pants, scarf. Does not include shoes, sunglasses, or wig.
  • Disco Diva Adult Plus Costume
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    Ready to get your groove on? Grab your Aqua Net, crimping iron, fishnets, and Go-Go boots and prepare to shake it in style in this 1970s funkadelic frock. Beneath the glow of the disco light, you will sparkle in this mondo cool Disco Diva Adult Plus Costume. Hey there foxy lady! Prepare to party hardy in rad fashion in this flattering glow-worm-shiny long-sleeve V-neck metallic silver dress and matching head scarf, perfect for any costumed night or '70s theme. Pay homage to this mellow, chill era by sending good vibes into the world. Release your inner dancing queen! This smokin' hot form-flattering dress will embrace your diva curves. The dress features an obsequious psychedelic swirl pattern reminiscent of the groovy '70s. The flattering V-neck cut is screaming to be paired with a peace-symbol choker, and the generous bell sleeves were crafted to accentuate the mood ring you'll most certainly be wearing. What's this get up made of? It's 100% Polyester of course! Peace out! Includes: Dress and head scarf. Boots and jewelry are not included.
  • Purple Haze Hippie Adult Costume
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    It's flower power all over again! Shake your groove thing with this blazin' hippie chick costume. This Purple Haze Hippie Adult Costume brings you back to ace times of the '60s and '70s. With its bright floral pattern and a groovy headband, you'll be the psychedelic queen of the costume party in no time! Feel the funk! This costume will make you stand out with its colourful design that's easy on the eyes. The rainbow-colored floral bell-sleeve top is accentuated by a purple trim with flower power and peace signs sure to make any woman the quintessential flower child. Its equally fab pair of matching purple velvet pants comes with the same floral design at the bottom, making you one put-together hippie. Complete the look with a purple-and-yellow headband. Includes: Top, bell-bottom pants, and headband. Hippie Peace Sign necklace and earrings are sold separately. Purse and sandals are not included. Need long luscious locks? A hippie wig will complete the look. Pair with the Far Out Man hippie guy costume for a retro couple's costume.
  • Go Go Blue Adult Costume
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    Who says disco is dead? Dust off those go go boots and prepare to get your groove on, because you'll be the hottest '70s chick in the room with the Go Go Blue Adult Costume. Whether you're dressing up for a '70s-themed costume party or you just want to have a far-out time on Halloween, this Go Go Blue Adult Costume will instantly send you back in time to the groovy days of Studio 54. Can you dig it? The Go Go Blue Adult Costume gives you reason to boogie, even if there's no disco ball in sight. This floral printed dress and matching head scarf are so hip that every cool cat in the room will want to get you out on the dance floor. Includes: dress, scarf. Does not include earrings or boots. Don't forget to turn on the lava lamp and brush up on your '70s lingo so you're ready to hustle on Halloween. Ready your vintage records and get ready to party down in this getup!
  • Womens Blue Disco Shirt
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    Get your groove on! With the Womens Blue Disco Shirt, you can hit the dance floor in vintage style. Disco enjoyed a lot of popularity back in the '70s, although it's usually thought of as a joke-worthy form of dance and fashion these days. Whether you think disco is a fun way to make a fool of yourself while dancing or a great excuse to indulge in '70s-era outfits, this shirt goes perfectly with any disco-themed costume. Put this shiny shirt on, and you'll be ready to dance the night away! Includes : The Womens Blue Disco Shirt includes a 70's print disco shirt with button closure. Does not include: Wig, jewelry, belt or pants. Material: 100% polyester. Care instructions: Machine wash. Stayin' alive while looking stylish! The Womens Blue Disco Shirt is an ideal getup for any '70s-themed costume party or a Halloween bash. Throw on a pair of pale blue pants and some flashy jewelry, and you'll look glamorous in a glitter-filled way. This shirt wouldn't scream "disco" if it was just a plain blue top. Instead, you get a sparkly, slightly iridescent design that's bound to dazzle everyone around you. Before you head out to show off your groovy dance moves, don't forget to give your hair a '70's-style 'do, or you can make it even easier by putting on a wig. And, of course, your top and the rest of your costume won't look complete without the right kind of shoes. Leave the modern heels at home and don a pair of blue disco boots to keep you moving on the dance floor all night long!
  • Womens Sexy 70's Foxy Lady Adult Costume
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    You'll become the dancing queen of the party when you wear the Women's Foxy Sexy Lady 70's Costume. The costume consists of a shimmering multicolor form fitting jumpsuit with classic 70's exaggerated bell bottoms. A circle link belt and a matching head scarf is also included with this costume. You'll definitely catch Disco party when you were this costume for Halloween or a 70's themed party. Do the hustle and the bump. Boogie all night in the Sexy Foxy Lady Costume.
  • Sexy Seventies Hippie Babe Adult Costume
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    The Seventies Hippie Babe Adult Sexy Costume is a modern look on a classic hippie costume. The ultra suede bikini halter top has a studded peace sign on the right breast. The fringed ultra suede vest has a matching peace sign on the back. The low rise, stretch micro mini skirt looks like home-made cut-offs.
  • Hippie Love Adult Woman Costume
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    This costume represent the award transition from the Hippie Era to the Disco Scene. The Adult Hippie Love Chick Costume includes a colorful floral print jumpsuit with wide collar and exaggerated bell bottoms. The costume also comes with coordinating glove. Caught between the peace and love of the 60's and the disco boogie of the 70's this costume is a combination of both. Wear this costume for Halloween or a retro themed event and unleash you inner flower child as well as your disco diva.
  • 70s Boogie Dancing Babe Adult Ladies Costume
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    You'll be doing the Hustle all night long in this Adult Boogie Dancin' Babe Costume! This fun and flirty jumpsuit is covered in a holographic black and white print. It has bell bottoms and a halter top with a plunging neckline so you'll look sexy while you shimmy the night away. The jewelry pictured is sold separately.
  • Adult 70s Disco Diva Sexy Costume
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    The Adult 70s Disco Diva Sexy Costume includes dress and headband. Small (Fits most size 6-8), Medium (Fits most sizes 10-12). Jewelry not included.
  • Sexy Trippy Trixie Costume for Women
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    The Sexy Trippy Trixie Costume for Women is a checkered dress that is designed with a '70s appeal. The dress is sleeveless and has a short skirt. Additionally, there is a keyhole neckline that looks very appealing and a matching headband. Complete your transformation by learning a few dances from the era and styling your hair in a similar fashion.
  • Adult 70's Hottie Disco Shirt Costume
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    The Adult 70's Hottie Disco Shirt Costume includes shirt only. Pants, belt and shoes not included. Halloween only comes around once a year so take advantage of it with costumes, props and accessories sold here at at great price.

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