PAMELA LOVE Arrowhead Ring
  • Suzannah Wainhouse Jewelry Snake Ring
    Crafted in the shape of two slithering serpents, Suzannah Wainhouse's textured silver snake ring winds gracefully around your finger. Snakes are intertwined. 6mm band width, approximately.
  • Pamela Love Silver Double-Band Cage Ring
    Pamela Love sterling silver hinged double-band cage ring. Sterling silver. Each wide band is detailed with four oblong cutouts that make it seem as though the ring consists of 10 separate, thin bands; mixture of polished and textured sterling silver. 16mm band width (each), 41mm total ring length (approximately)
  • AESA Single Wave 6mm Stoned Ring Pearl Iolite
    Open ring design with a pearl at one end and iloite stone at the other. Handcrafted bronze with prong settings. 3Mm band width. 6Mm freshwater pearl and lolite. Made in the USA.
  • Free People Rosewater Stone Ring
    Handcrafted textured silver ring with two quartz stones bordered by roped bronze. Rutilated Quartz. Sterling Silver. Bronze. Import. Handcrafted.
  • AESA Mirror Ring Pearl
    Open, facing ring design, with freshwater pearls prong set in handcrafted bronze. 1.5Mm band width. 3Mm freshwater pearls. Made in the USA.