Here's a couple of ideas for tired feet in need of a pamper. 

*Mint foot bath*

What you'll need:
- Two bowls
- Water
- Ice
- Mint leaves
- Towel
- Foot moisturiser or body butter

1. Fill one bowl with very warm water and one with icy cold water. Check the warm water is not too hot, we don't want burnt tootsies!
2. Add plenty of mint leaves to the warm water. Then dip your feet in. Leave feet to soak for a couple of minutes. 
3. Now quickly pop you feet into the cold water for a couple of seconds, before putting them back into the warm water again. 
4. Repeat step 3. Dry with a towel. 
5. Gently massage your chosen cream into your feet. Peppermint is really good, as this will cool your feet, but any will do. 
6. Leave your feet be for a couple of minutes before putting socks (preferably cotton) on. This will allow the cream to sink so you'll have super soft feet!

*Salt foot bath*
Another great way to relax your feet is to soak them in warm water with two tablespoons of salt. Make sure you use just enough water so that it just covers your feet. Too much and you'll end up sitting in your foot bath!

*Sweet smelling shoes*
Prone to smelly feet? Don't fret! Simply leave mint leaves, lavender or orange peel in your shoes overnight to help banish the smell!

Hope this helps!

Any requests?

Much love, 


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