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I never really liked Kara, or their songs. :/ Especially their songs, most of them are just so annoying and it mostly repeating a sentence over and over again in the chorus and well, their songs are too catchy for my taste. 

So this is for @looooooo , I heard that you like this song :)
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Wrote three years ago
cute outfit

Wrote three years ago
So awesome!!! That outfit is perfect <333333

Wrote three years ago
Thank you :) I like KARA's songs because they're catchy. Yeah, most of their songs are annoying but some are good. Thanks a lot!

Wrote three years ago
@mirmin It was her choice to leave Kara, personally I really dont care. but i dont understand the point of creating all that drama before leaving instead of just simply leaving the way sohee did :/



Anime, Manga and Comics Dreamcast Challenge

Anime, Manga and Comics Dreamcast Challenge

This challenge is for all anime, manga and comics lovers! Who could play your fave anime and manga characters in film adaptation? Who would you cast in films based on comics? Make 25+ sets, put them into collection and PM me!


It was previously "Asian Monthly Challenge" group"; here is hall of fame form that group:
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20+ Asian Duets/Collaborations Challenge
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F O R E V E R .

F O R E V E R .

We're seven girls who love Kpop. Minnie, Star, May, Miyu, Sandy, Kitty, Mikie ♥ Join if you love Kpop too!
Check out our Korean Challenge group : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=139290
Have Fun. Saranghae ♥

Korean Potpourri

Korean Potpourri

Potpourri is a mixture of dried fruit to make this scented kind of thing for the house. Since a lot of us fans like many thing about Korean, like the music, movies, dramas, ect. This group will feature a mixture of Korea! (It sounded good in my head, IDK about here...)


4th place in group contest: FAF: Song for A Friend

4th place in group contest: FAF: Song for A Friend

10 sets from 10 members. Ended three years ago.
This will be the start of a series called For A Friend, for the holiday season.
For the first contest:
Pick a song you didn't like but your friend or friends loved.
This is dedicated for my "A+" friend. I like Mblaq, not Smoky Girl.
Please be honest and pick a song you didn't really enjoy.

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