feat. Kara

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I was disappointed in this Kara comeback. Not that I was really expecting anything "wow" but they had such a good theme for their comeback and it just fell flat. It wasn't bad to say, but they could have been a lot more creative. 

I like Joanna's Pandora MV idea (with the good side vs the bad side of Kara). And with the word "Pandora" itself - it come from such a mythical background that I would have loved for their music video to have a fantasy feel, or a mythology one. 

But instead of going towards the past, it felt like this MV was directed towards the future with a bit of the "futuristic" feel to it. And it felt very Japanese to me for some reason 0.o

And then their promotions pictures - which I do love - have a regal feeling to them. I'm just confused on how they are trying to express "Pandora" in this comeback. 

Song is alright...in fact, I don't even remember it really. Even if I didn't like their songs much, I would still find myself humming to them. But, not with this song. 

But I still liked Seungyeon and Nicole, those girls are cute ^.^
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