Pandora Dangle Charm - Sterling Silver & Agate Scorpio Cameo
  • FENDI Mink & Silver Fox Fur Bag Charm
    Leather strap with clasp closure. Metal stud for eye. Made in Italy.
  • FENDI Mink & Kidassia Fur Bag Charm
    Leather strap with clasp closure. Metal studs for eyes. Made in Italy.
  • Blue Nile Vintage White Quartz Dangle Pendant
    Flowing with elegance, this chandelier pendant features white quartz gemstones and a striking sterling silver frame. In Sterling Silver.
  • Blue Nile White Quartz Dangle Pendant
    Timeless and eye-catching, this dangle pendant is an ideal staple to any collection with white quartz gemstones set in sterling silver, suspended from a cable chain necklace. In Sterling Silver.
  • Tory Burch Round Cabochon Charm
    Add a personal touch to your Lucia Initial Charm Bracelet with the Lucia Bracelet Charm. Made of polished brass, it simply slides onto the strap. It's a chic way to customize - and also makes a great gift. Please note: Designed exclusively for the Lucia Initial Charm Bracelet. The charms are interchangeable and sold separately; they do not arrive on the bracelet. To assemble, simply unbuckle the strap and slide them on. It can fit up to seven charms in total.