Pansy Parkinson

A much more rich, evil, sarcastic, dangerous, broken, lonely, seductive, powerfull, nasty, gorgeous, slytherin than the Pansy you remember.
From "Long Live The King"

School is over and she married well. Her husband was old and rich. He soon died. So she married again. She married better.
Her second husband died too, mysteriously. She was so sad, do unlucky.
Far too young and beautifull to be a widow.
So she married again. And again. They all died.
Did she loved them? She doesn't smile, she grieve properly.
The piano plays in the other room. Magic without magic.
A boy with ebony eyes and darker hair. Her one true love.
He's barely eleven this boy king. He knows many fathers, but only one mother.
He's her joy and her pride. Her only son. Only hers.

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