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๑ Annabelle Sokolova
Age 19, year 1
Family history with Angelology- The Sokolova name has been said to be around since the first angel was damnned on this earth. Though lately it hasn't been as respected.
Annabelle ,or Anna, hails from The Sokolova family. A once glorious and respected family of great power in Russia. But then Anna's own mother soiled the family name for generations to come. She had an affair with a Nephlim, who she claimed to love. Anna's mother turned away from the rest of her family and Angelology. Over the next year her mother had a passionate relationship with the Nephlim, but he became bored and tossed Anna's mother aside. But soon after she left she realized something, she had become pregnant with the nephlim's child. She tired to go back to her family but they wouldn't even here her out. For the next nine months her mother endured great horrors that weren't included in a normal pregnancy. After nine months her mother died during birth. Leaving Annabelle a not quiet nephlim but not quiet human baby. She was shipped straight to her grandmother's mansion in the wilderness of Russia where she was harshly raised until now. Her grandmother wasn't a loving person to say the least. She pushed Anna away and was so cold it was cruel. From this childhood Anna has learned that the world doesn't just hand you things on a silver platter. She has had to struggle for things even though her grandmother didn't lack money. She is very socially independent and has a sharp wit that could cut glass. But there is something off about her besides her cold demeanor. Nephlim blood runs through her veins and no one knows...but secrets can't stay hidden forever.
Major- ANTEDILUVIAN GEOGRAPHY (not sure if I got this right. This is what you are supposed to do for a major right?)
Model- Ali Michael { Auguste Abeliunaite, or Raina Hein}


NOTE// this is when Annabelle was like 8 or 9, so if sometimes she is a bit dense that is why. Also she isn't to cold to people yet. Just sayin'


I walked alone through the long ornate halls of my grandmother's home, not my home. I had lived in it for most my life but it would never be my home. My grandmother sent me to boarding school so I really only lived in it during the summer. But those months were long and torturous. Grandmother made sure that the schools I attended taught me how to up hold the 'Sokolova' name. I had never been sure what that meant since I didn't even know anything about our family history. My grandmother said that we were a proud family, whose roots got back to Russian royalty and that we had been gifted with the task of ridding this world of Nephlim. She said those things but yet whenever she went to a fancy party with people 'like us' I wasn't aloud to come. I didn't understand it, but I know better than to question grandmother.

A prime example of this injustice was tonight, Grandmother had spent the whole day getting ready in her wing. I had tried to go in and watch her get ready but the head maid ,Gretchen, shooed me out immediately saying not the bother the mistress. So I was sent to wander down the halls trying to find something interesting to do. But that was hard when your Grandmother seemed to have more rules than a prison. 

I turned down another long hallway not paying attention to where I was going, I didn't even realize that I had walked into the second floor of the main foyer. From the top of the stairs I saw Gretchen grabbing and small boyish figure by the arm and was violently ushering him towards the door. I hurried down the stairway towards the struggle.

“Gretchen, what is going on?” I asked hoping for some excitement in the dull house.

“Nothing Ma'am. Go back to your business.” Gretchen said harshly. All the words she said were correct for a servant to say, but her tone made you realize she had absolutely no respect for me, nor did she really think I had superiority over her.

I ignored her, rushing around to get a better look at the intruder. It was a small dirty looking boy, like the kind you would see on the streets of Moscow, the ones that had no homes. His clothes were tattered and stained and he certainly wasn't dressed for the weather. There was a sharp chill in the air outside that demanded at least a jacket, but this boy had on shorts.

“Gretchen who is this?” I said trying to sound like my grandmother did when she ordered the servants around. 

“Just a street rat far from his home.” She said, not so much to me but more to the boy who she shook violently with every word.

“Gretchen, stop it! I will see to the boy, after I feed him.” I said with as much athority as I could.

Gretchen looked at me with distaste, but with perfect timing my grandmother called down from the hall for Gretchen to come immediately. She looked from me to the direction of my grandmother, and with a sigh she shoved the boy over to me. “just don't cause any trouble, and /don't/ let your grandmother see him. Got it?” and without waiting for a reply she hurried of to tend to my grandmother.

I looked at the boy trying not to wrinkle my nose at his smell. He fidgeted uncomfortably for a moment before mumbling. “Hello, I'm Liam. Thanks for that.” 

“I'm Annabelle, and your very welcome sir.” I said extending my hand like my ettiquet teachers had taught me.

Liam snorted, obviously finding it funny that I had manners. 

But before I could ask him why he thought it was so funny I heard Gretchen and Grandmother coming down the halls. I grabbed Liam by the wrist dragging him into the kitchen. Grandmother never went in there.

“What-” Liam said but I gave him a look telling him to be quiet. We both stood pressed against the kitchen wall as we listened to the sharp clacking of my grandmother's heels.

“Gretchen get my coat.” 

“Yes ma'am.” 

After Gretchen got her coat we heard my grandmother step out the front door. I breathed a sigh of relief and stepped away from the wall. “

“What were you doing here anyway?” I asked realizing I hadn't even found out before saving him from Gretchen.

“None of your business.” 

I raised an eyebrow “You were in my house, so I am pretty sure that is my business. So what was it?”

He sighed and emptied his short pockets on the counter. It was some food, I assumed from the kitchen. “I was hungry. I was stealing it.” Liam said, I could see his face getting red even though he was trying to hide it. 

I smiled “Well, I'm not going to stop you. You don't have to be hungry.” Liam looked up shocked, but smiled back.

Over the next few months leading up to going back to school, was the best summer I ever had. I would bring Liam food everyday from where he stayed near a village only a mile away. We would play together, and I wasn't alone. He was my best friend. We would go down to a stream nearby and do things that children do. It was the happiest time I can remember, but then it got colder and I had to go back to Moscow for school. I told Liam to wait for me to come back, and he said he would. But I came back the next summer and walked down to that stream and waited. When he didn't show up the first day I walked down again and again. Until I had to face the harsh truth, no one really stays. You open up to someone and they make you happy, but then they leave and the pain isn't worth it.

(so yeah it is kinda long and irrelevant but I am going to maybe tie it back in. Any way @athousandshadesofblue hope this is alright! :D)
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